Are You Ready for the End of the World?

There is certainly a lot of buzz about the end of the world as we know it, as well as its literal end.

Why are we visited by so many predictions of the end of the world? Traditional scientists and historians report the world has gone through the cosmic control-alt-delete hardcore reboot as the result of impact by a huge meteor hurling our planet into the ice age. It stands to reason that a similar event could revisit us at some time.

End of the World if the world ends tomorrow

But then there’s the Star Wars program to help us thwart any attack of meteoric significance, looks like we’ll dodge that one.

Then there’s the religious folks who propose our impending doom will come in the form of everything you can think of from natural disasters (wielded by God Himself) to the rise of Satan and the return of Christ.

Not to mention potential zombie apocalypse… and what does it matter when the earth is moving closer to the sun every day with impending collision is inevitable?

Even if we avoid being distracted by the threat of destruction of the entire human race, if nothing else our own sense of limited mortality looms over us, as we age we continue to see the lives of friends and loved ones come to their respective ends.

The fact remains, whether we like it or not, the world may come to an end but the end of our own life is inevitable. It is commonly reported that it is one of the two things that are certainties in this life: 1) Death 2) Taxes.

What if your world ends tomorrow?

They say we don’t know when the end of the world will be, likewise, we don’t know when we will take our last breath.

Having been there with many people in their last moments, many people (even the one’s that you couldn’t possibly imagine) have a host of regrets. It is my intention to avoid regrets by embracing this life enthusiastically. What about you?

Are you ready?

When I think about my own mortality, I ask myself three questions:

1. Did I love greatly?
2. Did I enjoy my journey?
3. Did I leave something behind?

I have always held fast to the idea that love is the most important component in this life. Loving others has been the most significant driving force in my daily life, preceded by my love of God (and both can be quite confusing).

I love expressing every last savory drop of experience while on my life’s journey. I have tasted the many flavors of life’s experience and continue to cherish every moment (even those moments that others may have viewed as less desirable).

I have picked up many tools along the way enabling me to find more and more joy from everything this life has to offer each and every day.

My desire to leave something behind sometimes creates conflict with the enjoyment of my journey because the creative process requires a certain level of commitment and dedication to follow a thought – or project – through to its completion.

Having an accepting degree of tolerance of my own limitations helps to keep me moving forward at a pace that is comfortable enough for me. I don’t let any lack of expertise to decelerate by momentum.

Case in point: Here’s a little ditty by my alter ego, If the World Ends Tomorrow.

What are your thoughts about

The End of the World


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