Fear is Impatient

When you make decisions and take action out of fear, you are blocking the best things in life, and settling for a lackluster life of mediocrity. You’ve subjected yourself to this lifestyle over and over again, yet God is merciful enough to shake it up a bit to give you another chance to try something different, to do something better, for you, your love, your life.

What will you do? Will you follow the fear pattern which seems so familiar, to jump at the next opportunity which arises because it’s better than the absence of anything in that area of your life, or will you invest the time and energy it takes to be in the right place at the right time to enjoy the full blessings that come with achieving your highest and best potential in all areas of your life?

Fear represents itself as safety and security and what you get is settling for a life that is mildly acceptable, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s what we’ve been programmed to accept, more so for women than men, as mothers have encouraged their daughters to settle for the sake of survival, even in this present-day world, which we’d like to think is so above such ideals.

In this fast-paced consumer-driven world, society, itself, is against the taking the time and energy it takes to allow the planets to align for you to be at the right place at the right to have your wildest, most successful life options to appear in all their glory.

When we have a dream of having something amazing, God moves everything from changing the raindrops to altering the flow of landscapes, wildlife, waterways, roads, economic conditions, industrial and corporate giants, even influencing health care providers, lawmakers, news and media outlets to bring the desires of your heart to you. And this takes time.

But fear is impatient. It doesn’t want to wait around for your highest and best, for while you are waiting and waiting… what if nothing comes? Then where will you be? Your well-programmed ego coaches you, persuading you to decide to take what’s before you, right now, rather than wait for God to present you with the desires of your heart.

This fear is prevalent in all areas of your life including education, career, health, wellness, family, relationships, spirituality, love, and romance, etc. There is no segment of life that is exempt from the fear factor, and beware that fear disguises itself very well, and it may look like anything but fear, yet fear is what it is; an every present force which limits your ability to have everything you want and to be all that you could be.

Fear keeps you in your hometown, or present location for too long, or causes you to leave the place where God is vectoring-in what you’ve been waiting for, preventing you from being able to seize opportunities that are waiting to be revealed to you.

Fear keeps you from being aligned to go to the right school, have the perfect job, to rise above your current economic condition, enjoy better health and longevity. Fear tells you that there is not enough time, that you don’t have the connections, or expertise to have better things for your family, amazing friends and partners, or a highly fulfilling life.

Fear will cause you to make decisions which will have you in the wrong place at the wrong time every time, and sometimes you will be able to have a glimpse of what might have been because if you are not ready to receive what God has prepared for you, it will go to someone else. (And unfortunately, you might even witness it on occasion.)

You will see the opportunities come to you when you are in a place in your life when there exists no opportunity to receive your dream or you will see your hopes and dreams being bestowed upon someone else. This was yours, you know it was. It was everything you ever wanted down to the most minute detail.

This proves the lengths God will go through to give you the desires of your heart, but will you be patient enough to allow the universe to give you what you want, or will you settle for something less, then find yourself to not be in the mode of receptivity when everything you’ve asked for arrives or is given to someone else.

‘Tis better to be patient and make your decision in the power of love, instead of fear.

It will take persistence and patience to choose love over fear, allowing God to change the universe to align you with your highest and best of everything there is.

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