How Do You Handle Confrontation?

When someone confronts you with a highly negative tone, how do you handle confrontation?

Of course, the initial reaction of most people is to respond defensively or to bark back with negativity. How is that working for you? This is an excellent response for the person who loves drama or likes to play the part of the victim.

Then there’s you. You are awakening, and now you’re wondering, “What’s going on, here?” That is the right question.

Someone has struck out at you. You can’t see any reason for the sudden outburst, yet, here it is in all its glory as a negative energetic assault.

Rather than reject the assailant immediately, consider this: Maybe he or she is not acting out to you at all. It’s highly more likely that this person is demonstrating to you how someone in their past mistreated and assaulted him or her.

And you are placed in front of this person by divine assignment. Rather than respond with negativity, which would be the reaction he or she is expecting, you have the ability to respond in a way which will interrupt this person’s pattern of abuse, which has been playing in his or her concept of reality for a lifetime.

When you understand that this person is not targeting you to assault you, but crying out to you from the pain of their past, you can be compassionate and ask yourself, “What must it be like for that person to respond like that?” Do not ask them this question, they might not even be able to cognitize the answer.

The key is, here, you recognize the basis for this outburst has a basis in something that has happened long ago that has nothing to do with you. From this perspective, you can see the emotional outburst as his or her crying out in pain and you are set free with the ability to not take the action personally.

This is the perfect set up for you to reach out in love and break the cycle of abuse in this person’s life. Unconsciously, you have direct access to the point of origin of the source of this person’s pain. This enables you to administer deep healing by responding positively to this person’s outburst.

The source could be the way an authority or parental figure disrespected and assaulted him or her early in youth. They don’t even have to know the source, but in that moment you have access to the trigger, and you can break the cycle by responding to him or her, right now, with all the love you can muster.

All you have to do is to respond with a blessing or a compliment, which is all that little child wanted but didn’t get way back then, you begin the healing process.

This far surpasses the Proverb (15), “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” This is precision emotional surgery and you wield the scalpel of love to break the cycle.

Don’t expect immediate results, because it may not register as the person who energetically assaulted you may assume that your response is negative, which is what he or she expects, or wrapped in sarcasm. If so, he or she will launch another attack.

Again, don’t take it personally, and respond with another compliment or blessing.

He or she may question your motives, or wonder what’s wrong with you?

Do not disclose your loving and healing motives. But you may let it be known that you think he or she is not broken, not in need of fixing, and you would never judge him or her because you know, that if you were him or her and lived the life that he or she had lived up to this point, you would have done the same thing. Therefore, there is no judgment.

That person may walk away thinking you’re a freak, but you’ve done your part, and after several of your interactions (and those of others who are also aware) this person may find healing and freedom from this negative anchor he or she has been dragging around for years.

Plus, an added benefit from one of these sudden outbursts may be a hidden message for you.

After the situation has subsided, you can then reflect on the words spoken by this poor soul, and you may find something of value hidden in the matrix of his or her delivery.

Just saying…

Much gratitude to you and yours who are joining the wave of peace and harmony which is washing across the planet.

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