The Secret to Your Dot Com Domain Name

Okay, you’re feeling like you need a domain name, and you’re right. In this day and age, you are not real unless you are verifiable via the Internet. Call it a conspiracy, or whatever you want, but if you play your cards right, you can maximize yourself, the real you, by using this system, especially if you know the secret to your dot com domain name.

So, here it is. Now, remember, this is a secret, so don’t tell anyone.

The secret to your dot com domain name is three-fold. You are going to need three domain names. I know, it sounds crazy, but bear with me. These dot-coms are very specific.

Dot Com #1 Your Name Dot Com

No matter what name you go by, it is not your name unless you own the dot com. So get out there and start searching for variations of your name on GoDaddy or some other registrar. And when you find a dot com that is available and do not be sidetracked by dot nets or any other extensions just because they are available, buy the dot com you were able to get. For me, I was only able to get my full first name, middle initial, and last name, davidmmasters-dot-com, and that was early on. Don’t stop. And be willing to change your name or take on a nickname and that’s who you are from now on.

Dot Com #2 What You Do Dot Com

Next up, you have to get the what-you-do dot com. It’s the second question that you will be asked if you ever find yourself in front of a microphone or in the media. You’re gonna have to be creative, here, because the basic terminology for what you do is probably already taken, so keep going through the process. As an example, I was able to get transfiguration specialist dot com, so that’s what I do. Remember, dot coms only.

Dot Com #3 What You’d Teach or Sell Dot Com

This will help set you up as the undeniable expert in your field, by getting the dot com for what you might teach or sell. It could be the title of a book that you might author someday, the name of a course you might teach to someone you might impart your gifts and abilities to, or your gift to the world.

What Next?

You will need at a basic business-card-style website for each of these domains that you can get for free at GoDaddy if you got your domain name there, and make sure that your picture and contact information is there.

There you have it, The Secret to Your Dot Com Domain Name. Don’t just get one. Get all three: and don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked by dot nets or any other extensions.

The next time you talk to anyone, desire to have a level of credibility, are applying for a job, or when that moment comes when the lightning strike of opportunity hits you and you find yourself in front of a microphone for any reason, you will have the dot comes to back you up.



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