What is Love to You?

You wake up one day, look up at the sky and ask, “What is love?” To you, it just doesn’t seem to add up. It turns out, love is not what you thought it was.

Love is not something we can put in a box, wrap it up and give it to someone, with the expectation to receive the same in return. Love is an elusive, wild beast that you cannot capture, harvest, or do with as you will.

Out of mutual respect, or fulfilling each others’ needs, we try to love, only to discover love is not fair. You can’t measure it, you can only treasure it, whenever and wherever you can find it, because no one knows better than you, it may not be here tomorrow.

Sure, you can create a construct of something based on the idea of love and call it love or whatever you want. You can try to reduce it to its simplest form, a contractual agreement is substance and form, but this is not love. This is a self-imposed prison sentence.

Higher than a mountain, deeper than the seas, love is all around. A powerful force of nature which cannot be contrived tamed or forced into a box. Love is in and through all things and when all of this is gone, love is the only thing that remains.

We want it, we need it. We spend our whole lives seeking love, or at least our idea of what we’ve been told love is. If love all it’s cracked up to be, then when you think you’ve found it, why are you not happy? When you’re in it, shouldn’t you be happy?

But, still, there’s something missing.

Even when it feels like love is lost and nowhere to be found, love is there. In the laughter and adulation, the pain and isolation, love is there. When you can’t feel it, see it or even imagine it being anywhere, there it is, in every breath, every heartbeat, every tear that falls, love is there.

Love is not sex, the idea of it or the pursuit of it. Penetration is not love. You can pierce the heart of another, and not break the law, but you can break a heart and leave love bleeding as you walk away from the scene of the crime.

You can buy, sell or trade attention or companionship, as long as you can afford the retention of relationship. But not love. You cannot legislate love, but you can amass a fortune or lose one in the name of love before the magistrate.

Love is tender, honest, brutal and cruel, yet the truth is, without love we wither and die.

Love can be the most amazing thing, sending our emotions soaring or the most destructive thing, sending you sinking to the depths of despair. The fury, the power of love is an unbridled lion seeking to devour the hearts of those in its path. Attacking, ripping, tearing you to shreds, then lovingly caresses and puts all your pieces back together, and you are better than before. The new you, sealed with a kiss.

Love doesn’t care who you are or about the things that you’ve done to disregard it or earn its reward. Love is always there for you and can be found any time you look for it inside of you, all around you, in the air or the absence of it, love is there.

Know this: Love loves you more than you could ever know. Love will never leave or forsake you.

Love is not what you’ve been told it was.

You are love, find the love within and nurture it. Let it burn, like a fire, let its bright light show you the way, and light the way for others, too. Love in all its power and glory waits for you to unleash it from within you.

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