Wheel of Life Balance

Coaches all around the world use the wheel of life to help clients find out where they may be out of balance in particular areas of their life. One of the goals of a coach is to help you achieve balance in life, and this is the generally accepted method of doing so. Please feel free to give it a go and use the wheel of life balance tool to discover where you are at in your life’s balance.

It is well known that those who achieve a consistent degree of balance in their life enjoy a higher quality of life and increased potential for efficacy as they feel better about all the things they do. You could say that they enjoy a smooth ride in life.

A smooth ride is empowering, enabling you to accomplish more with less effort and allows you to essentially remain “in the zone,” positive vibration, or flow of life.

How to Use the Wheel of Life Balance

The wheel of life is a template of ten concentric circles, one inside the other, you can print the template above, or feel free just to draw a bulls-eye-target-like set of ten circles on a piece of paper. On the example I’ve provided, I’ve predetermined a pie chart of the eight most common areas of life balance, but as we work with professionals, there well could be eight areas of balance inside any one of these pieces of the life balance pie.

In this example, the eight areas are Family, Social, Community, Profession, Personal, Recreation, Spiritual, and Financial. Depending on where you are in your life’s path, your coach may help to better determine eight areas that are more pressing in a particular area of your life. For instance, a business person might have Administrative, Legal, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Management, Customer Service, Website Presence, and Social Media.

You will want to design your own, but for starters, we’ll begin with this general life wheel.

On a scale of one to ten, rate each area and outline the degree of time, focus, attention you give to, and satisfaction you feel about any of the areas of life. When you have completed this task, fill in and darken the area of your wheel of life. Your wheel could look something, like this:

If you were to think of this wheel as being the shape of the four wheels on your car, how smooth of a ride would you feel as you drive along? Pretty bumpy, right? … and you’re likely not going to proceed at a rapid rate.

And so it is with life.

This expresses the efficiency of this tool. Now that you have a visual representation of your life’s balance, you know where you need to make adjustments in your life to better enable you to optimize your performance by achieving a more balanced life, thereby smoothing out your ride.

You can use the wheel of life to check your balances in all your relationships. A couples’ relationship coach might present a romantic wheel of life with areas like Communication, Quality Time, Honesty, Like-mindedness, Trust, Intimacy, Gratitude, and Commitment.

Think about different ways you can use the wheel of life in your personal growth process.

Here’s a blank wheel of life template for you to use. Customize if for your specific needs.