August 2018 Image Directory

Wrapping up the month of August, here’s a quick screenshot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

What Are People Like Who Are Tolerant?

Prison of the Mind Conspiracy Theories
Overcoming Addictive Behavior When Love Dies in a Marriage I Didn’t Mean to Be Mean
The World is a Better Place Because of You Personal Growth and Change Abusive Relationship
I Want My Life to Have Meaning No Such Thing as a Lie Cheaters Have Nothing to do with You
You Are Called No Lies Settling Into Your Power How to Deal With the Emotional Outbursts of Others
Romantic or Unconditional Love Look for Evil Get More Evil What If Nobody Could Hurt You?
Growth Amidst Chaos When You Let Someone Hurt You



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