Multiple Modalities

While being versed in multiple modalities may be vague, David M. Masters has a wide variety of training and credentialed expertise that he brings to the table.

Armed with humility, curiosity and a penchant for scientific research, David is certified in the following academic specialities:

Angelic Prayer Therapy
Celebrity Lifestyle Consultant
Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
Complete Mind Therapy
Corporate Stress Consultant
Law Enforcement C.O.R.E.
Master Hypnotic Consultant
NLP Advanced Master Practitioner
Ordained Reverend
Personal & Corporate Life Coaching
Rapid Results Pain Consultant
Reiki Master
Relationship Psychology & Therapy
Spiritual Psychotherapy
Weight Loss Coach
David M. Masters maintains professional membership in:

Association of Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists (APHP)
The Association of Complete Mind Therapy (ACMT)
Be aware that this is not a complete list. David is continuously on the hunt for the latest technologies and is ever honing his skills to stay on the top of his game, in an effort to assure his clients remain atop of their game.

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