Creating Your Quote Meme

If there’s anything I can do to encourage you to go about creating your quote meme and share it with the world, then, by all means, let’s do this thing. You’re a smart person, you’re not a newbie to planet Earth, so more than likely you have gathered some wisdom that you could share with the world. Now, its easier to share these meaningful thoughts and quotes with others, and doing so could potentially change someone’s life or the world.

I have created a few quote graphics, which have been shared by others, and this supports my impact and credibility as people are sharing my ideas with others. And isn’t that what we all want? To be seen and heard by others, and maybe to impact the lives of others in such a way that it might make a difference.

Even though this might be intimidating, I hope you can trust me enough to take my advice and put yourself out there in this way. Let me share with you, my experience.

Here are my top quotes in order of popularity: “Beware Individuality Psychosis”, “Anything is possible. You’re almost there… Everything is”, “Deflection is better than defense”, “Dating your friend can destroy your friendship”, “If you look for demons you will find them everywhere”, “Love is all there is. Everything else is illusionary”, “Every moment you do not make a stand for your own divine independence.” Blah, blah, blah.

Now, to be honest, and to give perspective on this quote process, to date those quotes are the ones that get the most traffic from my website. They are not necessarily the best quotes in my opinion, nor are they the ones that I would like to be known for, but they accomplish their purpose, to demonstrate my quotability. In the event that someone invites me to be a guest on their show, there is a chance, based on undeniable fact, that I may contribute something quotable. This is a huge incentive for a show host.

You saw the Top 9 quotes from my site, where I have purposefully planted 100 quotes, many that I believe would be way better than these, but planting them achieved the goal. Based on my results, I would suggest putting up 15 quotes, but this week’s challenge is to put up one.

So this week you will make a quote graphic, like this.

The size of this graphic is 960 by 960 pixels the background is black, and the text will be white. So, your quotation will go here, but I want to zoom in to show you a secret that I have hidden in the lower right-hand corner. This is where you put your name, the name that you own the dot-com for, and it should be a dark gray, so as to not be seen at first glance.

Why? Because if people see a quote that is clearly attributable to you, it looks like you are trying to achieve notoriety by manipulating the search index. And people may be less likely to post or share your quote graphic. If you are humble and discrete about it, people are more likely to share it, then let the investigators search for who it is attributable to.

Before you make your graphic, make sure that you have searched for your quotation in quotes in Google to make sure your quote doesn’t belong to someone else. If your results turn up nothing, then you are good to proceed.

You have good things to share. Share them.

Feel free to share them in the comments below.


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