Be a Guest at our Next Event

We are hosting an online summit, and you are invited to be a guest at our next event. This is a big deal for you. We have designed this event to be somewhat off-topic for you. Your challenge this week is to create a speech about this topic.

The components of your speech must include:

  1. Providing relevant and valuable information which honors the hosts
  2. Fit your message in the cracks of your presentation so that it is barely noticeable to the hosts or the audience (insider tip: you can mention the title of your book, but do not refer to it as your book)
  3. Identify yourself and what you do (you own the dot-coms) and try to be engaging enough that attendees will be compelled to look you up

This is not a space for disrespectful self-promotion. Doing so will make it certain that you will not be invited back to speak for any venue. Remember: This event is not about you. It is about the host(s) giving you the opportunity to have access to their audience for their benefit.

Do speak about yourself and what you do in humility honoring your host and adding incredible value to the topic, and you will not only be invited to speak again but you will be invited to participate in other events as well.

The event will run live, and we will back it up to make sure that the footprints of this event and your participation in it can be found by researchers looking you up.

This will give the producers and reporters some confidence in you, by establishing that their discovery of you will not embarrass them. You have experience participating in projects that are not directly related to what you do or your book, exactly, but you can still add incredible value to any project that you are invited to participate in.

You, like me, will be called by many shows and invited to contribute to many events. One of my mentors, Jack Canfield, says he tries to accept all invitations, but I am far more cautious. I try to make sure that the venue aligns with my values, and I must feel like I can be a positive contributor. For instance, I might oppose a particular thing and I might be contacted to state my opposition. I know that according to the law of attraction if I do so, I will add my energy to the thing I oppose. So, I only consider invitations where I can remain positive, supportive, and uplifting because that aligns with my brand and my likable character. I have turned down far more invites than I have been offered.

You have to figure out what is right for you and accept your invitations appropriately. Be true to yourself.

Your participation in the event is voluntary for extra credit, and you are highly encouraged to participate. Check out the event details to get more information on this upcoming event. Review the event information.

There will be a place where you can sign up to be a presenter, and you will be expected to provide a talk title and description. To participate, you must sign up by the deadline, next week, to be included in the lineup.

You will have another week to complete your speaker’s bio for this event.

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