Your Highest and Best Relationship

Will you be able to aspire to embrace your highest and best relationship in love?

What does it look like to raise the vibration of your romantic relationship to it’s highest and best vibratory frequency which is the next phase in evolutionary love and expansion of two people in love?

Expanding love relationships look much different than their primitive ancestors, or traditional love models. While you might be used to the idea of a romantic relationship looking like a dance on hot coals, trying to find ways to have fun, entertain ourselves, seeking to find some way to attain mutual benefit for sustenance, all the while trying to avoid conflict and asking, “What’s in it for me?” This idea of our embracing an expansive love relationship seeks a degree of enlightenment which aspires to evolve into the highest and best form possible, unleashing our greatest potential.

Rather than focusing on the temporal or “feel good” sense of togetherness, your highest and best relationship is built on a completely different foundation. In order to imagine embarking on the journey to a higher and greater relationship, you must be able to connect to a higher power, which gives birth to this higher level of love that seeks not just to satisfy one’s desires but to grow, change, and evolve both as individuals and as a couple.

In this type of relationship, the onus is on the couple to focus on their own expansion, awakening, spiritual growth, and conscious evolution, a metamorphosis of the matrix which cradles the love relationship and imbues it with the ability to grow and expand above and beyond the possibility of what would be considered an ordinary romantic relationship.

Here, we take responsibility for upholding and empowering each other’s highest and best. I see in you all your strengths and your ability to be all that you can be, to exemplify all with which you have been endowed, your unique gifts and special abilities, to achieve and serve the greater good and the community at large and you see the same in me.

In order to make the leap from a primitive love relationship to this evolutionary expansive love relationship, a shift in mind and heart-set is necessary.

You must be willing to let go of the traditional ideas associated with love and relationships which you have been programmed to believe in, which are deceptive, manipulative and do not serve you in your highest and best form. You needn’t sacrifice to have love, or depend on someone else to experience love. You must find a place within yourself, where you, just as you are, are enough. You are love and you are worthy to receive love.

You don’t have to represent (or misrepresent) yourself in any way, except your most honest, open, and fully integrous self to be fully loved. No games, nothing to prove. Just to be true to who you are, open and honest about what you think and feel.

You, alone, are worthy of love and are an impeccable source of love and support for your partner (or potential partner). You come to the relationship fully empowered to bring it, in your highest and best form, without compromise. And bring it, you do, grounding yourself in your higher power.

As difficult as it might sound, imagine what it would be like to be operating at your highest and best, and start acting the part. Be an example of the kind of person you want to be, and the kind of person you would like your partner to be.

Will it be perfect? Yes, and no. No relationship is perfect and even in the best relationships, there exists nine irreconcilable differences (according to psychologist, Dr. John Gottman). More importantly you are a loving and compassionate mirror to your partner.

From your vantage point you can help your partner see what his or her shortcomings are, better than he or she could see him or herself. With love, affection, and careful consideration you can reveal those things which could not be seen from your partner’s point of view (like having spinach in his or her teeth).

You also maintain your individual voice. If you disagree with something, you love yourself enough to courageously express your thoughts, and you have the strength to draw upon from your higher power to keep you true to yourself, open and honest.

Your relationship is the safest, most sacred space you know of, where you feel safe and secure about representing yourself authentically.

Yes, you are strong and independent, but you also know that God has given you people you can lean on, depend on, and who were placed in your life for love and support. And only the strongest, most integrous individuals will be inclined to turn to these people, and ask for help or support, and you are open to receive whatever it is that they have for you. This is the way of your synergistic life.

The love and support you receive from your partner is a powerful sacred gift to help you achieve even greater heights in living and giving.

In your highest and best relationship, you move between autonomy and interdependence with ease.

And this degree of relationship need not be confined to merely romantic, as it is a powerful foundation for all relationships as you awaken, grow and expand in enlightenment.

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