Partners More Powerful than Solos

Even if you’re feeling like you and your partner are not on the same page, be aware that partners are more powerful than solos. Sure, you could go it alone, but your potential is far greater when you work together with your partner for your highest and greatest good.

Partners more powerful than solos

You are a living breathing expression of life and the most exhilarating part of life, that part which adds pleasure, value, insight, and wisdom is the area of personal growth and expansion. While society may not be up to speed in terms of growth and expansion (and actually spends a lot of effort and any means possible to distract you and keep you from even doing more than entertaining the thought of it briefly) it is the one thing that brings a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and meaning to one’s life.

This journey starts from within, getting to know who you are, and where you fit in the grand scheme of things, then from this vantage point charting a journey to beyond, possibly where no man has gone before… This is the exciting journey of growth and expansion. Be aware (and if you’ve already been on this journey, you’ve already discovered and know too well) things in this life are often not as they seem.

One of the greatest qualities in life comes from sharing it intimately with another, and you’re fortunate to find someone who cares about you, desires you, loves and accepts you for everything that you are (and those things which you are not). What if, in the process of your personal growth and expansion, you’re feeling a less than comfortable distance growing between you and your partner?

This can create a conundrum which can be difficult to sort out. It could drive a couple apart, or it could cause the growing and expanding individual to recoil, to withdraw from his or her personal advancement in an effort to salvage the relationship for myriad reasons.

Relationship are a complex part of the expansion process because it requires not the growth of separate individuals to take place in lock-step fashion but the liberty and celebration of each participant to grow and expand at his or her own pace, with style and grace, in their own time and place in space.

This means focusing on your journey and keeping on track, while supporting your partner’s journey in his or her own way, which may look not much like the way you are growing and expanding, and that’s okay. Not only is it okay, but it is a cause for celebration.

There are three parts of a relationship. There is you, your partner, and the relationship. In the combining of two individuals together the sum of their parts should be greater than the whole. The greatest teams of all time are comprised of two very different individuals and what they create together is astronomical. This is what a successful relationship should look like.

Think about the successful relationships which have brought great things to the world, such as Ben & Jerry, Gates and Allen, Jobs and Wozniak, Page and Brin, Hewlett and Packard, and a host of others whose names could fill volumes of books endlessly. Andy of these people could have done something great on their own, but paired with a co-conspirator, supporter, and perfect synergy of push/pull magnetic balance led to a brilliant magnificence.

Think about it, if you and your partner are pretty much the same, one and one make one, which is not a bad thing. If you have trouble getting along with other people or have been in difficult relationships in the past, a little “it’s easier to live with myself,” (even if it includes someone just like me), might be just what you need. It’s comfortable and it will get the job done.

If you are quite different, the possibilities expand exponentially, now one and one makes eleven. The possibilities when combining of these two individuals can create a hybrid composite energetic chain reaction which far exceeds the potential of each separate partner.

Please, don’t feel frustrated to see your partner growing in a different direction, this is the making of the perfect energetic cocktail which can explode in the most meaningful and transformative metamorphosis, where you find yourselves working together in perfect synergy for impactful life-changing effect on those around you as well as the world at large.

You, as a couple, may not be satisfied with the routine of daily life and might be looking for ways to work together and make the world a better place, and with such zeal and efficacy that there is no way in hell that you could have pulled this off by yourself. Your relationship has expanded and exploded with a vitality and power that is nothing short of phenomenally miraculous.

And you thought you were getting frustrated about how your personal growth and expansion might be affecting your relationship negatively?

Stop looking at only the two parts (you and your partner), look at all three; you, your partner and the combination of the two of you in partnership, relationship. Step back and look at the possibilities of what the two of you could do together, what that could look like…

If you find yourself (either of you or both of you) faced with an obstacle or challenge, find a way to retreat into your inner counsel, inside yourselves and with each other in concert. This is a partnership and when the going gets tough, the two of you need to run to each other and find or create a way to slay the dragons or the demons who might be preventing you from achieving your highest and best.

This could be, and should be, a sacred union between two, a bond that cannot be broken.

Sure, it will take work. None of those famous partners would have achieved any success had they not looked adversity in the face, and struggled to survive and dominate over the challenges they faced, but they did it together.

And you will find or create a way to do so, together, arm in arm, you are unstoppable.

You got this.

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