Gift Giving

You have innate gifts which you were entrusted with when you came to this planet. This is a fact that society tries to downplay. Because how crazy would that be? To have a world filled with empowered gift giving people, all of whom bring special gifts to the community and the world? That would be chaos. So, society keeps you small and disempowered.

Still, you have these special gifts and abilities which are packed away deep inside you waiting to be shared. These gifts are a special part of you waiting to be expressed, for what good is a gift if it is never given?

You have many special gifts and abilities, but chances are, you haven’t been empowered to even acknowledge their existence. If this applies to you, now, isn’t it time to take a look inside? Now, isn’t it time to acknowledge at least one gift? Isn’t now the best time to share it?

“Wow, that’s amazing!”

When was the last time someone complimented you on something you did? Did it seem inconsequential to you?

Often, special gifts and abilities show up, like that. You did something, said something, or told a routine story which seemed like no big deal to you, but someone else was amazed or deeply touched.

Usually, you just pass that off as no big deal or are embarrassed when someone compliments you (probably due to lack of pre-programmed self-esteem) and push it down. Yet, there it was. Your gift finding a way to express itself, and you disrespected it, or shut it down.

If you’ve experienced something, like this, then this is your biggest clue. It might not be your gift fully expressed because you’d have to fully embrace it to be able to fully give your gift. But, now, you know where to look.

Your journey in life is not just about finding out what your gift is. It includes the process of discovering it, embracing it, practicing it, honing your skills, and giving your gift away. This is how your life becomes a blessing to others as you do your part to add value to the community and make the world a better place.

Your gift and the giving of it helps to give you and your life meaning and purpose.

Your gift is your light. What good is it if you hide it? Let your light shine.

You were not sent here to save the world because the world doesn’t need saving, but you were sent here to share your gift and make the world a better place.

It’s not uncommon to have a negative response to hearing that you have a unique purpose and gift to share because you’ve been made to feel unworthy. You must let go of this weight which is holding you down, else the social engineers win by devaluing you and keeping you complacent, small, and more easily manageable (controlled).

If the social engineers succeed, they continue to rule the world of fear.

Don’t let them win by making you afraid to be all you were intended to be. It may have worked before, but not now.

If you, and the rest of us, embrace our uniqueness and share our gifts with fortitude, the world expands, humans continue to evolve, and at some point, the world of fear is no longer sustainable, giving way to peace, love, and living in harmony. This is the only idea which strikes fear into the hearts of social engineers. To them, not being able to control you and the world with fear is utter chaos to them, and there is no profit in a truly free and expansive world for them.

You are not the only one with a special gift to share. There are others who are in the process of gift giving. Seek them out. Share your gift with them and encourage them to share their gift with you and others.

If you meet others who do not resonate with this message at this time, do not judge them. Bless them. They are on their own journey, maybe this is not the time for them to be actively gift-giving. Love them. Allow them to make their own way for they are only doing the best they can with what they have, as are any of us, and we’re all in this together.

Today, now, you are claiming your divine birthright. You are a child of The King, the Creator of the universe. This day marks the beginning of a new dawn.

It’s time to live, love, and shine your light.

Today, now, you are living your life of light in a darkened world in concert with others stepping out in faith, shining their light and the darkness is fading, thanks to your gift giving and shining your light.

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