Live Love and Shine Your Light

Live, love and do good

In this life, there is little more meaningful and everlasting than living a love-filled life and leaving something good behind.


Ever wonder what you will be known for after you have completed this life’s journey? At the very least, I would like to think, if within the scope of my life I was able to help one person grasp the idea of living a better life and sharing that idea with others that even if in this small way, I have helped to make the world a better place.

Just one person who shares the idea with one other person, that’s all it takes. Of course, my intention is to affect more than one person but one person would be enough to justify give my life meaning and value.

Plus, that’s all we can really hope for, if not one person, then maybe one at a time, on the best of days possibly many people might be able to be influenced to embrace their gifts and become a light in a world so dimly lit.

Let your light shine brightly

Let the light of love and truth shine from within and send a powerful beacon of hope to others around you.

Do not be dissuaded by circumstance, feeling as though you are not worthy or due to any lack of support from others because you, your message, your gifts are the light you were given to shine on the world around you.

It is reasonable to think that you are only one person, feeling as though you are a small, singular or inconsequential light all alone. But you are not alone.

The world is filled with other lights, just like you. Even if you feel as though you are alone, you are not. Other lights, similar to yours have been strategically placed throughout the planet. While individually, each light may not be brilliant but when all the lights shine brightly in unison, the resulting light will appear to burn more brightly than the sun.

And in that moment the world transforms into a planet filled with peace and love, for in the light darkness has no power.

Do so without expectation or pride

It’s important to keep your heart and the light which emanates from it as possible. Even if times get rough and it appears as if no one can see your light, the important thing is to keep it lit. Sometimes you might feel as you are the only one who sees it, or might feel like it has gone out but it hasn’t.

While your heart yet beats, it emits a light frequency that permeates the environment which surrounds you. It is felt – though may not be acknowledged – by all life within your proximity. All life and matter responds to your heart’s light of life frequency.

The more you share your love and gifts with others in humility, the more brightly it shines if you expect nothing in return. Share your message, sing your song, exercise your special abilities and do so without expecting thanks, recognition, applause or remuneration and your efforts will be multiplied.

In the end your gifts will be acknowledged

This is the beauty of being able to embrace the idea, “if only in some small way…”

While you may feel as though all your efforts are not recognized or even in vain, keep in mind that you are not the only one. The shining of your light will have contributed to answering the call of a planet yearning for enlightenment’s evolution.

Sharing and shining represent your calling and are key components of your legacy.

If your intentions are pure, your light is combined with all the other lights in the world. While one candle may seem insignificant, while as part of a grouping of 1 million candles can have a profound effect, much like a lighthouse lamp.

You are the light
Shine and shine
Even if only in some small way
And make the world a better place


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