How to Hear God’s Voice

If God is there, why doesn’t God reach out to me and talk to me? I want to hear from God. Why does He (she) only talk to the famous prophets? The answer is, you are always connected to God and you can hear what God has to say, if you listen. Alright, smarty pants, if you’re so smart, tell me how to hear God’s voice.

To be fair, the answer is not a simple one because everyone hears the voice of God differently. So, it’s on you to figure out how to hear God’s voice in you, and you might receive messages from God from a variety of communication methods. With God permeating every part of your mind, body, and soul, you don’t have to go anywhere to hear what He has to say, or sense or feel messages from Him.

And, “No,” you don’t even have to believe to hear God’s voice. Regardless of your belief system (which is always right, 100%), God is there.

You are never disconnected from God at any time in your life. Oh, you can feel as though you’re outside of His favor, hate Him (or her), or commit the “unforgivable sin,” but you are still connected to God. How can you say that? Because without God, your body would fall to the floor, like a bag of sand, lifeless. And even in those lifeless moments, God is still there.

Strange enough, I was always jealous of other people in the ministry who reported they heard the voice of God. I thought, “What the heck, God? I serve You, committed my life to Your service… You talk to these guys, and You can’t speak one word to me?” I tried everything I could think of, still nothing.

It wasn’t until much further down the line, that I discovered God had been talking to me all along, just in a different way. No, I didn’t hear God’s voice to me or even spoken words inside my head, but I did realize God had been speaking to me through the arts. It took a while for me to wrap my head around it and how to hear (interpret) what He was saying.

Some people do hear an audible voice, for others, God might speak to you through any other medium of communication. In most cases, you will need to learn how to tune-in to the frequency where God is speaking to you, then you can hear, feel, know or otherwise sense what God is saying to you.

I know so many people who hear God’s voice in deep meditative states, amidst fervent prayer, or when they are communing with God in nature, these are probably the most popular environments where one is likely to receive messages from God.

Some people report getting messages from God while reading a book (sometimes books that don’t have any spiritual content whatsoever), watching television (even the news), or surfing the Internet. If God’s everywhere, He could be anywhere.

One of my mentors reports that tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is God’s signal to him that He has something to say or show him. So, he starts paying more attention to what is going on, looking for clues for what God has to say or show to him. It could be anywhere at any time. He says it works every time.

How to Hear God’s Voice

Have a soft spot in your attention connected to your heart and be open to receive.

You could hear God’s voice, witness an event that speaks to you, you could get a feeling or sense of a specific meaning or message, or see something play out in your mind’s eye, like a mental movie, or any of the other methods God might use to communicate with you. However you hear God’s voice, it will be unique to you.

That doesn’t mean you will hear God’s voice when you want to, or that what you hear is what you want to hear. Sometimes God tells us things we don’t want to hear, and sometimes the silence is more profound than any answer that you might be able to conceive.

Usually, the silence harkens you to delve deeper into yourself and look in the mirror. This is the most difficult work to imagine, and silence leads you to this most meaningful deep work.

It’s as if God was saying, “If you want more or Me, you’re going to have to meet Me halfway, so come on… I am waiting for you.”

God’s waiting to commune with you.

Are you listening?

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