How to Make a Million Dollars

If you’ve ever pondered how to make a million dollars, chances are you don’t already have a million dollars and probably have never possessed 1 million dollars.

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You’ve heard all the stories about how other people have awakened one morning to suddenly have a million dollars in their bank account and you’re thinking you want some of that too.

Are these stories true?

For the most part, they are, though many important details are often left out.

Could it happen to you?

Yes, it could. Anything could happen. Will it happen? Well, that’s another question entirely. Whether it happens to you, or not, depends on you and what you do.

Which of these two?

First, you have to ask yourself how bad you want it?

Based on your desire to attain your one million dollars, do you want it

The Easy Way? or The Hard Way?

The easy way, means you’ll be at the very least buying lottery tickets regularly. Buy lottery tickets regularly while you daydream about winning the lottery, getting one dollar from every person, or coming up with your ingenious idea that will shower you with millions of dollars with little or no effort on your part. Unless you have a wealthy relative with whom you share good favor and he/she has named you as the recipient of 1 million dollars in their will, you will probably win the lottery before you make a million dollars the easy way.

If you want it bad enough to be willing to do it the hard way, you are willing to take 100 percent responsibility to the work necessary to make your vision of having a million dollars a reality.

What do you have to do?

We can learn from millionaires who have amassed fortunes and started from scratch. These individuals set out to purposely create wealth and many started with little or no resources at the out-set of their financial journey.

What did they have?

1 Passion and Vision

They have a clear vision of the ultimate destination and the drive to make it happen that is so strong that it enables them to power-through the tough times (and there will be times when it gets rough).

2 Self Awareness

Successful entrepreneurs spend time assessing themselves of their skills and abilities, so that they are aware of their own individual strengths and weaknesses, realizing they will probably not be able to do it themselves, or having a team (made up of those who have the entrepreneur’s weaknesses as their strengths) to accomplish the mission.

3 Education

(Not the traditional get-a-degree type of education.) They teach themselves or learn everything there is to equip them to do whatever it takes to make their dream come true. Even if they are not doing the work themselves (outsourcing) they have a basic understanding of what needs to be done so they can hold others accountable.

4 Plans

They make plans and are willing to change them on-the-fly based on emerging data, as circumstances, the landscape and marketplace changes and they adapt.

5 Create Momentum

Without momentum, you’re really going nowhere. The people who really make their dreams come true are in the business of doing something every day (or regularly) that moves them closer toward where they want to be. Regular movement forward creates momentum and it is accumulative, resulting in a wave that can propel itself forward, while haphazard effort will mean much more work over time.

6 Accept the Process

Successful entrepreneurs who started on a shoes string accepted the idea that achieving their financial goals may take on many different faces and progress through different phases on the journey from here to there. It may take starting a small business, selling it and parlaying the profits into the next venture. A process that may need to be repeated until the goal is attained.

7 Fail Forward

Be willing to fail at any point along the way, but not to give up when faced with failure. Actually, to the burgeoning entrepreneur, there is no such thing as failure, as it is only a learning tool. It’s like being thrown off a horse. They don’t give up riding altogether. They dust themselves off, evaluate what happened, and get back on a little wiser than they were the last go ‘round.

Isn’t now the best time to start making a million dollars for you?

3 thoughts on “How to Make a Million Dollars”

  1. Forgive me for doubting but I believe there are people out there in your audience that have taken every point you made and still found their dreams of fortune unobtainable.
    For reference I am a 62 year old man that has tried several business ventures in his life with little or no success. I found to my horror that with my physical and psychological problems working a day job was no longer possible and the rules regarding claiming social security disability and medicare coverage are unlivable. The trouble of course is sitting on my hands won’t help much either.
    There has to be another way. A one million dollar fortune would be nice but frankly I would settle for a consistent payout resolving my personal expenses and medical care (I’m an insulin dependent diabetic) plus maybe a little extra to entertain the grandchildren occasionally. Great blog post, otherwise!

  2. Since you wrote this reply, has anything changed? Probably not. You have believe in something. First of all yourself, of you believe in what your doing no obstacle, no wall is too high no water is too deep you will find a way and this is the drive definition mentioned above. Ifs a feeling so strong that you can literally overcome ANYTHING to get to your goal and because anything is possible, your vision is hardwired by sheer determination that , that tiny bit of light in the dark room of doubt be omes the only thing you see. It’s an experience that any successful person will tell you they know all too well the only difference is, you’ve given up they didn’t, you need to light that fire you have things working against you you need to get used to that and you need to welcome that before I started my venture I was pretty much on the verge of being homeless and nobody around me believed i could do it. I didn’t let that stop me, Or slow me down I welcome it, And nothing made me happier, I used it as fuel because I knew that when I got there they would be eating their words, and they’re boring every day life job doing something they don’t want to do feeling like they’re stuck too scared to take that first step and tell yourself this is it there’s no turning back there’s no giving up.

    I want you to read this a few times and ask yourself how do you let yourself down, have you just excepted a defeat because that’s what it sounds like to me, when you’ve become defeated the one thing you do is explain why you can’t do it and that’s what’s holding you back you need to change that thought I don’t care if you’re 65 years ,in any situation you could still become successful it’s not over as long as you’re still here and you believe in yourself now and start changing that thought I don’t care if you carry a fork around every time you think like that stab yourself in the hand as a reminder, Because you can choose to experience that pain or not experience it ,it’s all in your head and the way you think, That is somebody who had conditioned himself to react when negative thoughts arise , I could pull 20 men in a tug-of-war right now I’m so fired up man because thats what you have to feel IF YOU WANNA MAKE IT!!!!!

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