Half Assing a Million Dollars

Ever know someone who took a half-assed approach to ANTYHING then complained about less than anticipated results?

You know the half assing type of person who tried to fast-track, short cut, or sleight-of-hand trick their way to their anticipated results.

Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret attracted a herd of half-assed folks who came up with the bright idea that they could think positive thoughts and the universe would magically make everything they could possibly dream of appear before their eyes in real life.

Now, at first, the half assing novices noticed some preliminary results indicating their dreams would come true. For instance, if they wanted a new BMW, and posted a picture of the Beemer on their mirror, desktop and other various places where their attention might land throughout the day and took at least five minutes a day imagining themselves driving the specific model they wanted, something happened.

They actually started seeing the BMW appear on the streets, driving by them on the highway; parking in the same parking lots as the car they were dreaming about, seeing them appear more and more all around them. Initially indicating the law of attraction is working and their own BMW was making its way to their driveway.

After a few weeks, no car appears in the driveway, so the disappointed half assing potential manifestor concludes the law of attraction is a bunch of hooey, and stops by the 7-11 to buy a lottery ticket, dreaming about how they’re going to spend the 37 million dollar prize.

How about half assing business?

The novice entrepreneur either saves (but more likely comes into a little extra cash from some other method, like an inheritance or insurance settlement of some kind) and decides to half-ass their way into the American dream.

They get a business license; rent a retail space, get some business cards, signage and phone installed (maybe put some business identification on their car) and maybe even alert the local newspaper and radio stations of their Grand Opening day.

On the opening day, a few friends and relatives show up and congratulate them on their new business.

Three months later, their back at the employment office looking for another job (or approaching their previous employer about getting their old job back).

You can’t really blame the half-assers, because our culture promotes a sort-of, “I can have anything I want and I don’t really have to do anything,” mentality of entitlement.


What are the top five ways to get millions of dollars fast?

When asked that question, most Americans answer:

1. Win the Lottery
2. Inheritance
3. Win a Large Lawsuit Settlement
4. Marry into a Wealthy Family
5. Have a Great Idea (Invention or Business)

Regardless of how you feel about the top five ways most people think you can get a lot of money quickly without much effort, it is the common consensus of general populace.

I was somewhat enthusiastic about finding out that the fifth most popular way to easily make a lot of money included business, but it actually did not include business (as in starting a business because that would involve work) instead it refers to simply coming up with an idea and you are handed millions of dollars for having the thought magically bestowed upon you.

Just because something is popularly believed (like the top five ways to get a million dollars fast) doesn’t make it true. Similarly, believing that you can use positive thought to make something happen or appear is also not true because all methods require a combination of thought (the more positive the better), planning (more the better), opportunity and action culminating at the time and place.

You might object,

“But I saw on the news,” (or heard a story about, or read a book, etc…) “that” this person or that person magically manifested millions of dollars without doing much of anything. “That’s what I want.”

Is it possible? Yes.

It is possible that you will win the lottery, inherit a million dollars, win a large lawsuit settlement, marry into a wealthy family or have a million dollar idea and get paid for it.

If you’re achieving half-assed results from your half-assed efforts, it may occur to you that if you were to give it your all, your results could be much more in-line with the results you desire.

You are more likely to actually achieve financial independence, make a million dollars, or millions of dollars, if you are willing to do the work. Note that the Law of Attraction and positive psychology works like a dream for those who do the work of embracing the entire process (not just the wishful thinking portion).

I find myself working with the doers on their way to success. Doers who are willing to do the work necessary to manifest the results they desire.

We are so fortunate to be living in the greatest country in the world bestowing upon us the opportunity to achieve massive success regardless of who we are, no matter what age we are.

By all means, keep dreaming…

Wishing you are blessed with only the best.

How to Make a Million Dollars

If you’ve ever pondered how to make a million dollars, chances are you don’t already have a million dollars and probably have never possessed 1 million dollars.

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You’ve heard all the stories about how other people have awakened one morning to suddenly have a million dollars in their bank account and you’re thinking you want some of that too.

Are these stories true?

For the most part, they are, though many important details are often left out.

Could it happen to you?

Yes, it could. Anything could happen. Will it happen? Well, that’s another question entirely. Whether it happens to you, or not, depends on you and what you do.

Which of these two?

First, you have to ask yourself how bad you want it?

Based on your desire to attain your one million dollars, do you want it

The Easy Way? or The Hard Way?

The easy way, means you’ll be at the very least buying lottery tickets regularly. Buy lottery tickets regularly while you daydream about winning the lottery, getting one dollar from every person, or coming up with your ingenious idea that will shower you with millions of dollars with little or no effort on your part. Unless you have a wealthy relative with whom you share good favor and he/she has named you as the recipient of 1 million dollars in their will, you will probably win the lottery before you make a million dollars the easy way.

If you want it bad enough to be willing to do it the hard way, you are willing to take 100 percent responsibility to the work necessary to make your vision of having a million dollars a reality.

What do you have to do?

We can learn from millionaires who have amassed fortunes and started from scratch. These individuals set out to purposely create wealth and many started with little or no resources at the out-set of their financial journey.

What did they have?

1 Passion and Vision

They have a clear vision of the ultimate destination and the drive to make it happen that is so strong that it enables them to power-through the tough times (and there will be times when it gets rough).

2 Self Awareness

Successful entrepreneurs spend time assessing themselves of their skills and abilities, so that they are aware of their own individual strengths and weaknesses, realizing they will probably not be able to do it themselves, or having a team (made up of those who have the entrepreneur’s weaknesses as their strengths) to accomplish the mission.

3 Education

(Not the traditional get-a-degree type of education.) They teach themselves or learn everything there is to equip them to do whatever it takes to make their dream come true. Even if they are not doing the work themselves (outsourcing) they have a basic understanding of what needs to be done so they can hold others accountable.

4 Plans

They make plans and are willing to change them on-the-fly based on emerging data, as circumstances, the landscape and marketplace changes and they adapt.

5 Create Momentum

Without momentum, you’re really going nowhere. The people who really make their dreams come true are in the business of doing something every day (or regularly) that moves them closer toward where they want to be. Regular movement forward creates momentum and it is accumulative, resulting in a wave that can propel itself forward, while haphazard effort will mean much more work over time.

6 Accept the Process

Successful entrepreneurs who started on a shoes string accepted the idea that achieving their financial goals may take on many different faces and progress through different phases on the journey from here to there. It may take starting a small business, selling it and parlaying the profits into the next venture. A process that may need to be repeated until the goal is attained.

7 Fail Forward

Be willing to fail at any point along the way, but not to give up when faced with failure. Actually, to the burgeoning entrepreneur, there is no such thing as failure, as it is only a learning tool. It’s like being thrown off a horse. They don’t give up riding altogether. They dust themselves off, evaluate what happened, and get back on a little wiser than they were the last go ‘round.

Isn’t now the best time to start making a million dollars for you?

If I Could Just Get One Dollar from Every Person…

If I had a dollar from every person (client or not) who said to me, “If I could just get one dollar from every person…” (fill in the blank), I’d be almost as rich as those who fantasize about the idea, dream of being.

Sure, it’s a great idea, and there are people (and companies) who have done it.

But can you do it?

If I had a dollar for every person

How to make a million dollars

Can you actually get one dollar from everyone in your target market?

Well, to start; it’s up to you.

You must be willing to start to get the ball rolling… You are going to have to be willing to do some work (just like those who have done it before)… “But,” you say, he/she, “didn’t have to do any work, and look at what happened to them.”


You’re confusing possible with plausible. While a thing may be possible (as in it actually happened at some time in the past) to think that it is duplicatable may be highly unlikely; for if it were plausible, wouldn’t everyone do it? If you really think that you have a chance of being that lucky, but a lottery ticket and save yourself the grief.

Okay, let’s assume that you’re not looking for free money but you are looking for passive income. Passive income is income that is generated from something that you did in the past that requires little or no maintenance.

Is that plausible? Yes. Many people engage in investments or opportunities requiring work in the beginning that generate recurring income over time.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest selling authors in the world and cash from their continued sales of their books exceed the $1 per person that may seem so illusive to you at this point.

So, if you’re willing and able to write and publish a best-selling book, your chances could be better because you create and market your book in the beginning and if it’s a hit, you earn over the life of the project (as well as possible merchandise tie-ins and maybe even the film rights, etc…).

Besides writing a book, are their other ways to make passive income? You bet; people just like you are doing it every day. For instance you could buy and own a business that you don’t have to work. May be a little spendy at the outset but the continued income could be just what you’re looking for. But if you do this, make sure that you’re the owner, and someone else is doing all the work.

Enterprising creators can create a franchise, phone ap or software, designers (who create an original item that is replicated and they get a piece of the action) as well as inventors.

Rental real estate (where someone else manages the properties and you earn everything over actual expenses), rental stores, in fact rental anything!

Some of the other examples that I’ve seen include ATM machines, vending machines, blogs, e-stores, membership sites, online courses, Laundromats, sell ad space (physical or virtual) and licensing your ideas are just a few more examples of ways you can create continued cash flow off the back end.

Is it possible? Yes.

Is it plausible? Could be, if you stack the deck correctly, you could increase your odds immensely of having a winning hand.

My question to you is:

Are you willing, able and committed to work on this project and follow it through to completion?

Those are the people who I hang out with. These people have done (or are doing) the work necessary to be ready when lightning strikes.

Are you looking for a free ride?

Good luck with that… Really; I hope you are that lucky. 🙂