The Coolest Church in Town

I belong to the coolest church in town. Everyone’s welcome. Come one, come all. We may not be the biggest, the richest, or the best, but we get along. You can come to join us if you get the call, because I belong to the coolest church in town.

The biggest drug dealer in town teaches Sunday school. A registered sex offender greets you at the door. The choir has two hookers, a pimp, and a host of drug addicts and alcoholics.

Our treasurer has gambling problems and has done time for embezzlement.

Our organist is a sex addict.

The pews are filled with thieves and gang members. Row three is respectfully reserved for murderers, and child molesters? They sit in the front row.

The coolest church in town welcomes ex-cons, serial rapists, liars, cheaters, attorneys, bankers, politicians, sociopaths, and psychopaths of all kinds.

We ain’t perfect, and you won’t find us claiming to be, but just like my churchmates, God is working on me.


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