LOA for Real Men and Women

Let’s get one thing straight about the Law of Attraction for Real Men, and that is: LOA4MEN is not a sexually separated philosophy, but it does follow a powerful model that has been long established and predominantly used by males historically. The idea behind the law of attraction for men is to differentiate this from the commonly viewed ideals which have been placed upon the law of attraction which is basically passive and effeminate.

Men who are attracted to the law of attraction, in general, are expected to deny their masculinity, as this is seen as a sign of weakness in current LOA circles. Women are not prevented from boldly practicing the law of attraction for men, they are invited to do so, but their tendency is to be attracted to the more gentle approach in using the law of attraction as more meditative and passive.

The law of attraction for men is far more aggressive and proactive and is not appropriate for all men, only those who already have the propensity to be movers and shakers, powerful individuals who are already a force to be reckoned with.

For those powerful people, they exert a great deal of personal energy which takes a toll n their bodies, minds, and spirits. Understanding and using the power of the law of attraction for men allows the Universe to do the heavy lifting of achieving your goals, getting what you want, and changing the world.

If you’re resistant to the idea of the law of attraction because it sounds like a fairy tale, no one would blame you due to the way it is practiced among the general populace, but the law of attraction is a law more powerful and real than the law of gravity in getting things done.

The few most powerful people on this planet use it every day, and you can use it as well, if you learn how to tap into the power of the universe and wield its power for yourself.

Could the law of attraction for real men be used for evil?

The ownness is on you to decide how you apply the real law of attraction to your life, what you want, and what you do. Because the law of attraction does not see good or evil, we do that. We see things as being good or bad, but that is only because we are unable to see the big picture as it is seen by the power of the law of attraction.

Even if you use the power of the law of attraction for evil, the ultimate result will be positive even though this may not be understandable in the moment. A historical review of the past will bear this out to be 100% verifiable.

It would be reasonable for you to expect your life to change as you begin to align yourself with the law of attraction. As you start down this path, you will discover small tweaks that you can make in your life that increases the power and results, so don’t be surprised when you start to see major changes taking place in your life as you start to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

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