The Law of Attraction for Real Men

The Law of Attraction is used by the most powerful people in the world. The power of the law of attraction is virtually unlimited and we all are subject to it. If you are unaware of it, you will simply be a victim of the law of attraction. There are those who impose the law of attraction on the world to control what we think, the words we say, those things we believe, and whatever we do. This has been going on since the beginning of time as we know it.

In the last hundred years, a growing number of us (those who are considered as “unentitled” to know about its existence, let alone have any concept of utilizing such power) are becoming aware of its existence. These individuals are allowed by the masters to learn how to access and use some of this power in limited forms.

As the Law of Attraction has leaked out, been discovered, and shared among those who have been open-mindedThe  enough to access this, a parareligious movement with associated philosophies have developed, and this is more than likely how you heard about it.

The powers that be are fully aware of the power of the law of attraction and use it to its fullest capacity, while they allow these people to access it with a certain degree of restrictive fear about “doing it wrong” and so they have included principles similar to those found in Buddhism to keep them benign, to prevent them from becoming a problem.

“What problems?” you might ask.

If the people associated with this “movement” were to actually embrace the full power of the Law of Attraction, the world as we know it would no longer be sustainable, which means “the people” would not be able to be controlled like they are now.

As the Law of Attraction evolves and continues to grow, this will become an issue for the powers that be, but they are confident that this will take thousands of years (although there are those of us who disagree).

Because there are real men, I mean manly men who are movers and shakers, who are not attracted to the watered-down spiritually motivated love and light movement which is growing in popularity these days. They are learning the principles of the law of attraction and are changing their worlds accordingly.

By doing so, they are getting all the things in this life that they want, and their desires are many. You can have it all, without risking having to go to prison for breaking the law, because you are using a power far higher than any law.

If you’d like to wield the power of the law of attractions without having to sacrifice your masculinity, then LOA4MEN, the Law of Attraction for Real Men, is for you (if you dare to go there).

Keep in mind that we’re not downplaying the law of attraction as it is being taught in contemporary circles, this is an important part of our evolutionary process, but the world also needs powerful masculine leaders who really know how to use the full power of the law of attraction as well.

Just the idea of it may be offensive to some who fear that if it were true that the law of attraction could be used for evil. For those who are truly in-the-know, they understand that the law of attraction doesn’t regard anything as good or evil, it just is. So how you use it, is up to you.

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