WHY = STOP + Reverse

You’re on your way, making your own way on your path in life amidst your spiritual journey, you’re making good progress, then you encounter a challenge or obstacle, and ask, “Why?”

Exercise caution when asking why. Be aware that asking why, and trying to figure out the why of a thing can stop all forward motion and is likely to promote a journey backwards into the past.

“Why,” is the detour on your journey which will cost you your inertia as all forward momentum is halted.

Asking “why” is a powerful method of interrupting your hurling yourself in the wrong direction, and is appropriate when you’ve taken a detour and may be headed in the wrong direction.

When someone asks you why you are doing a certain thing or have chosen a particular path on your journey it can be beneficial to step out of the flow for long enough to examine your whereabouts and check in with yourself to find out if you are in alignment with your purpose, message, passion, and mission.

When you are moving forward in with your personal power fully engaged, are maximizing the inertia of being in the flow of your calling and maximizing your efforts, you are bound to encounter the occasional bump in the road or challenge.

You can quickly outmaneuver any obstacle by trusting it is for your highest good, maybe swerve a little and masterfully get around it or you can ask “why” = stop. Reverse your direction and lose valuable time in making incredible progress.

As you and I work with others it is important to wield the power of “why” as masterfully as possible.

Sometimes asking why is necessary to help someone stop and take time to review and evaluate where they are in their life from another perspective, just to check-in and see if they are on track.

I know in my life, if I catch myself getting wrapped up in trying to figure out the “why” of a challenge, as quickly as possible, I reacquaint myself with my “All things work together for good,” mantra and trust that regardless of the “why” this is for my highest good and something far better is waiting for me on the other side of this.

In a therapeutic setting, sometimes a life struggle will justify the need to ask why and taking the time to dig deep down in the details of one’s past and healing old, festering emotional wounds is necessary to enable someone to move forward fully and healthfully empowered. This is the deep inner work.

Other times, its best just to keep moving forward.

If you are in the love vibration and are making strides in achieving your highest and best, society (including your best friends and family) will try to thwart your forward progress by stopping you and asking you why you are doing a certain thing.

If your journey is not running parallel to theirs, there’s a good chance, no matter how hard you try to explain yourself, they will not be able to hear or understand you because they cannot understand the language or simply the idea of where you are and what you are doing is so divergent that they have no frame of reference.

You don’t owe anyone else an explanation. Do the best you can, staying true to you and your divine calling.

This is your journey. Make the best of it.

If you find yourself off-course, no problem. Check in with yourself, recalculate and chart a revised course. You’ve got this.

Don’t let yourself or anyone else keep you from achieving your highest and best.

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