Your Place in Space

If you might like to get a look-see under the hood to see the inner workings of your higher self and how you really fit in the cosmic sacredness of the perfect flow of the universe in all its divinity, you can come along with me as we clear our minds and begin to envelop ourselves in the unfiltered power of the universe.

If you haven’t done this before, be aware this exercise may well be outside your comfort zone, but if you’ll bear with me for a few minutes, you might be able to take a look beyond the veil of existence which you have sort of become accustomed to.

If you can see beyond the life you’ve allowed yourself to be restricted to and constrained by, you might be able to imagine what else is out there, and instead of asking, “Why me?” or feeling as though you’re not worthy or good enough to enjoy the best things in life in real and meaningful ways, you can start to ask yourself, “How much better does it get?”

To imagine the universe, as it is, and your sacred place within it, can be quite a stretch for you, so before we go there, let’s review what the universe looks like to you. Do you have a sense of how our planet is perfectly suspended in space, revolving around our sun, spinning at over a thousand miles per hour, amidst the stars and perfect synchronized clockwork of our ever-expanding universe?

Do you have a sense of curiosity, hopefulness, safety, security, or freedom when you look at pictures of space and the cosmos?

When you see aerial photos of Earth, can you see how amazing our planet is? From this vantage point, can you see how less significant your anxieties, challenges, and troubles are?

Can you see how very little matters from here, especially from a space-eye-view? From here, all the things that seem so important and meaningful to us, don’t hold much emotional impact as they do when our feet are firmly planted on the ground.

As you may have guessed, you will be joining me on a trip to this place in space, if you care to dare to.

To get ready for this little trip out to the universe, imagine a space-eye-view of our galaxy as it is, spinning perfectly in space.

With your eyes closed feel yourself, your conscious self, rising out of where you are sitting, right now, and rising above and beyond our planet.

Feel yourself soaring out into space, beyond the Milky Way, out into the vastness of space’s expanse, and allow your thoughts to expand into this space feeling as though you are one with all that is.

You are everything and everywhere out here in the universe, and ask yourself where you are. What is this place? In this place, who are you now? What are you now, in this moment?

Here, you are pure consciousness and love. From here, all those things which concern you so much from Earth, just don’t seem to matter anymore.

The media, the news, injustices what have occurred to you and others, the tragedies which plague our planet, society, religions, politics, all the drama, financial struggles, any stress and strain associated with life does not exist here, in this place. You are fully free and in the full energetic flow of all that is.

Allow your conscious to linger in the vastness of this place for a moment, try to take in the full awareness of all that is, without any limitations, and bask in the unrestrained expansiveness.

Now, slowly, allow your awareness to descend back to your awareness here on Earth, back to this room, this time and place in space, and the environment you’ve become so accustomed to that you call it home.

Allow a moment for your consciousness to reacclimate to your awareness of being home, then open your eyes.

Having had this very minimal fanciful excursion, how do you feel now?

Are you feeling more peaceful and serene than before the exercise?

If so, you are on your personal path to expansive evolution.

If you can allow yourself to engage in this exercise of basking in the presence of your place in space, even for just a few moments each day, you will notice things begin to change, things inside you, all around you, and all over the world, are changing in harmonic response to your new perspective.

You will find yourself reacting to life differently. Things that used to make you upset, lose their energetic control over you, as you become more aligned with your desire to feel at peace and experience joy in this life.

You are less likely to judge others, who (as you are increasingly able to recognize) are all doing the best they can with what they have, not unlike any of the rest of us.

This is a significant step outside of yourself as you begin your awakening process with the ability to see beyond the veil of existence, for life is so much more than simply existing for you, from this point forward.

May you be blessed on this new, exciting journey.

Where do you go from here?

I don’t know.

You tell me.

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