Intention and Therapeutic Science of Writing Your Book

Intention leads to the motivation that you will need to help drive you through the process of writing and publishing your book. So, what is your intention in writing and publishing your book? For intention is everything. It is the basis of your motivation and it is the trigger to releasing the fuel necessary to see this project through to fruition.

Intention is Everything

For many writers, there is a therapeutic science behind their writing. For some writing from a place of knowingness is fundamentally key, for others it is to write from an unknowingness amidst the process of breaking through to the other side of some grand obstacle. By doing so, the author documents and reports the process as he or she experiences the process live, the result is a meaningful text that can greatly benefit others who follow and seek guidance along their own individual journeys, who may encounter similar obstacles as the author.

Therapeutic Science of Writing


Writing can be an enormously effective therapeutic tool, whereby the author releases emotional trauma, angst, stress, anxiety, and burden giving them the wherewithal to center oneself to enable the uncovering of hidden emotional wounds and face currently open wounds to prepare for the healing process, eventually releasing them and leading to a better life as an overcomer, and inspiring others.

So many of us suffer, burdened by the belief that no one else could have faced a similar challenge. In effect reciting aloneness affirmations, such as,

  • I am the only one
  • No one else has faced such a challenge
  • No one understands my plight
  • I am alone in this struggle
  • There is no hope for me

For the authors who are courageous enough to engage and follow through with the process, they can find health, healing, freedom, enjoying a higher quality of life, and enlightenment, while inspiring others to do likewise.

These people write because it is part of the process. They may be haunted by the past, confused by the reality of the day, releasing themselves from the chains that keep them otherwise bound, and launching themselves into their grand escape.

Deeply Concerned

There is a great deal of suffering and conflict in the world today and many of us are moved and deeply concerned about a situation or circumstance and are not content just to sit back and watch as things unravel, somewhat curious about the potential outcome.

No, these authors post up, pen in hand, and write. They write about a particular topic from their perspective, in a sense to be heard, as they proclaim their resistance against just being another number in the game of life.

These are the influencers who can use such a book to educate and inspire others, potentially starting a movement, and assembling a collective of other concerned individuals who together can help have an impact on the overextending issues that are troubling or may have dire consequences on our world.

So, they are compelled to write and publish, using this book as a tool to gain access to people, public speaking venues, and media, in the hopes of making a difference.


These authors write books targeted at others with whom they are aligned, who share similar interests, to support a cause, or create a movement. Their book can help share emotionally supportive insights, tips, shortcuts, or technological advancements that can benefit others who share like-mindedness.

These like-minded individuals can unite via this author and his or her work which can lead to opportunities to gather in public or online for the benefit of the collective, unhindered by economic or geographical restraints.

These authors are often caught creating events where fans gather together in convention centers or hugely attended online virtual events, and it all starts with writing a book.


Authors will write from their own perspectives about their experiences regarding their own lives or the lives of others they have observed and researched. Their topics may include specific time periods, geographical locations, or situational circumstances.

These documents are enjoyed by others who share like interests and can have referential value for others researching similar topics.

How to

These authors have a particular skillset and desire to share their knowledge, gifts, or abilities with others who can benefit from their knowledge and expertise. These people include the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. People in trades, artists, businesspeople, and enthusiasts of all kinds.

This can be hugely rewarding and helps to document your area of expertise and inspires others to embrace a particular skill or craft, advancing it, and potentially reaching new heights among a group mindset.


To document the unfolding of one’s life over time or during a particular segment of time selected by the author. Doing so is not only autobiographical and documentarian but may also be inspirational for others.


There are those who write from a place of peace. To them, the writing process is a meditative process, which brings them insight and a sense of reprieve from an otherwise chaotic world.