How Can I Write a Book?

It has never been easier to write your book and get it into print. If you’ve spent any time researching how to write a book on the internet or elsewhere, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the varying advice and systems, leaving you asking, “How can I write a book?”

Template compliments

If you’re feeling like that, Just stop.

Stop searching for information on how you can write your book.

You already have more information that you need, and you’re suffering from information overload. And guess what? It’s keeping you from writing your book. Right? You already know that’s not working, so just stop. I’m going to give you everything you need to write your book, right here, right now.

Stop making it so complicated.

I know. You’ve never written a book before. The deck is already stacked against you and you’re feeling like you want to do this, but for any number of reasons you don’t feel worthy, so you try to self-educate and look where that’s got you, nowhere.

Stop the negative self-talk.

Just let it go. You are your worst enemy, so stop putting yourself down or second-guessing yourself. This can be hard, but you can do it.

Look there is a book in you and it’s just dying to get out and if you don’t do this, that is exactly what will happen to your book, it will be dead. It probably will die with you, still in there. So, you just have to let go of those inner voices. I mean, you will still hear them, but you just have ignore them for now.

Make a 90-day Commitment

Put your inner voices on notice. You are going to make a commitment to write every day for 90-days. That’s all. Then we’ll deal with those inner voices then. Well, for a minute because there will still be some stuff to do to complete your book at that time.

Write 500 Words a Day

That’s all. Write every day. Write 500 words each day. Just use any document writing program, like Microsoft Word, or anything else you can get your hands on. A pen and a spiral notebook would be okay, just write the words. And you’ll be surprised some days you will be on a roll and the words will come easily, and on those days, you may find yourself writing 2,000 words or more, and not even notice.

Write in No Particular Order

Just make sure to write about your topic and remember who your audience is while you are writing to maintain a consistent tone. This is a very organic way to write your book, it’s like the words are allowed to flow from God knows where, and the book just builds as you keep writing every day. If you want, when you have a little free time, you can assemble your pages in a three-ring binder sorting them by subtopic or chapters. Don’t sweat this. It will all come together later.

Mockup a Book Cover

Make a fake book cover that has your book’s title on it and your name as the author. Use this as inspiration and keep it at your writing station, the place where you have reserved for writing your book, and make copies of it and place them around where you can see them. The photo above is a template that you can fill in and print (or pick from many others at for $3).

Tell People You Can Trust

Tell people that you can trust that you are writing a book so that they can inspire you, and you’ll be surprised at how much you will be inspiring them because they thought that writing a book was just as impossible as you did before now.

Get an Accountability Partner

Find someone who will check in with you regularly to keep you honest and true to your commitment and yourself.

After the 90-days

Now you will need to take a week, or more if you need to. I do this whole process in three days. Again keep this as simple as can be and try not to overcomplicate this. Once you’ve written these words, you need to get ready to publish, then publish your book. Then you can buy a copy to hold in your hands and realize that you have actually done this. This is for real.

Fill in Your Book Template

I’m giving you a free 6×9 trade book template for you to use to copy and paste your words into their appropriate chapters. Once you’ve done that, you now have a working manuscript. You will need to go through your book and write the additional words or tell the stories that tie all the pieces you’ve already written together.

Just fill in all the areas of the book template as you go. Once you are done, you are ready to publish and print your first draft.

Already? Yes, now. Don’t worry. This is your first draft.

Write a Brief Description of Your Book

We will use this in the next step which is the publishing process.

Publish on Amazon

Using this template, publishing on Amazon is the quickest and easiest way I know of to publish and print your book in a heartbeat. To start, you will need to go to to log in, and if you don’t already have an Amazon account, you will have to create one.

Printed Book 6×9 Trade Format

Select publish a printed book in the 6×9 trade format which matches your template. Be sure not to publish a Kindle version of your book at this time. If you decide to publish in Kindle, Amazon’s proprietary eBook format, only do so if you are satisfied, then submit your edited version. Amazon will provide you with your ISBN number, as one of the first parts of the submission process. At that time, you can put the number they provide into that area of your book template and save it.

Fill-in the Forms

Keep moving through the process of filling in the forms with the pertinent data, including copying and pasting your description into the appropriate field.

Upload Your Manuscript

Upload your manuscript and use their digital previewer to see what the interior of your book will look like when they print it. You can repeat this stage as many times as necessary.

Get a Free Book Cover

Notice that I didn’t even have you design a book cover because one is not needed. Amazon provides some book cover templates to choose from in this submission process, use one of those. They even provide images that you have the right to use for their book cover templates. So use them.

You can change the cover later if you want to.

Price Your Book

Set the price for your book.

Publish Your Book.

Just click the button.

You will have to wait to receive an email from Amazon before you can purchase your book.

Buy Your Book

I suggest that my clients buy a book from Amazon at full retail because you will get that one in a few days. Then buy some author copies for yourself. The author copies are much less expensive but they take 10 to 14 days to get them.

Now you can show your friends your book.


When the author copies arrive you can enlist the aid of friends or hire an editor to edit your first draft.

After you’ve completed your rewrite, you can edit your previously published work, submit the revised manuscript and update the details and cover again, even change the retail price if you so desire.

I make this so uncomplicated for my clients that they can’t help but write and publish their books.

So, now you have no excuse.

Congratulations to you, in advance.


How to Gain Momentum in Writing Your Book

I feel you. We all have done it. You have this book in you trying to get out. You’ve answered the call and started to write it, then you’re stuck looking at a blank page and, “Ugh,” you don’t write that day and you break your stride. If you only knew how to gain momentum in writing your book.

It’s like trying to ride a roller coaster that keeps breaking down throughout the ride. How much more frustrating could that be? Just get off the damn thing and walk away. And writing your book is a little like that. Sometimes you just have to get out and push your car up the next incline to get it going again.

You gain and sustain momentum more easily the more quickly you react when you feel your writing engine slowing down to regain your momentum.

That’s why this commitment to writing daily is so important. Some days will have you staring at a blank page, but you must push through these moments to keep the momentum going, or else you may not make it to your destination.

And what is your destination? Of course, your destination is to complete your book.

Book Cover Mock-up

I suggest that you make a mockup of your book cover. Maybe even hire someone on Fiverr mock one up for you. This does not have to be the final rendition of your book cover. Just enough to inspire you.

Want to up the ante?

  • Post the cover on your website with the phrase, “Auth of the upcoming book,” (insert book title). Maybe add a tagline.
  • Print the cover and put it in a picture frame and hang it on the wall, where others can see it.
  • Paste it onto another book and leave it laying in the area where you conduct most of your writing.
  • Let people that you know that you are in the process of writing this book, but make sure they are the kind of people who have your back and will be utterly supportive. If you falter and someone says something disrespectful like, “I knew you couldn’t do it.” Stop communicating with that person and never speak to them again or at least until you’ve completed your book. Maybe even kill them off, as a character in your book.
  • Get an accountability partner. If you can find someone else to write with who is also trying to create their own book by writing every day. By doing this in tandem, you both can support each other through the process.

Just Write It

On those days that you are feeling less than inspired, just write anyway.

Let It Go

Let go of those things that will hold you back and keep you from accomplishing the task of getting to that completed first draft of your book.

Don’t Take It Too Serious

This is why I coach my clients not to take it so seriously. Yes, this is serious, but the importance of it can be so overwhelming that it makes the desperation of not being able to get the words out even more disabling. You’ve got to let go of that huge shadow of importance that may be looming over you every time you go to write.

Don’t Be a Perfectionist

If you are a perfectionist, I apologize, because that felt like I just kicked you in the shin, hard. Even so, you have to let it go for now. The goal is to get to a primary version of your book done so that you can get to the stage of refining your work later. Without the body intact, you are decreasing your chances of getting there. So, lighten up, and get those words out every day.

Don’t Be a Strategist

If you are, just let this go. I know, I get a lot of flack from writers who insist on writing systematically. They start with an introduction, then go onto Chapter One, successively working through the entire process. If you have written books before and this is how you do it, keep doing that.

If you have not written and published a book before, then don’t do that. My clients have far more success just writing every day about their topic, in no particular order.

Think of it like this

Write a page every day, just to get something done. Then, when you get time, you can sort the pages and arrange them in a 3-ring binder with tabs for chapters. As you go along, you can check the book and you can quickly see what chapters are weakest and focus more on those areas.

It all comes down to this

I am not a traditionally trained author coach, though I excel at getting the best completion rates from my coaching clients who get their books published in record time.

These are the biggest keys to unlocking how to gain momentum in writing your book and keeping it sustainable enough to make it through the process of writing your book as painlessly as possible. They are the very keys that have helped my clients to accomplish this feat. And hopefully, they will help you get your book done as well.


Intention and Therapeutic Science of Writing Your Book

Intention leads to the motivation that you will need to help drive you through the process of writing and publishing your book. So, what is your intention in writing and publishing your book? For intention is everything. It is the basis of your motivation and it is the trigger to releasing the fuel necessary to see this project through to fruition.

Intention is Everything

For many writers, there is a therapeutic science behind their writing. For some writing from a place of knowingness is fundamentally key, for others it is to write from an unknowingness amidst the process of breaking through to the other side of some grand obstacle. By doing so, the author documents and reports the process as he or she experiences the process live, the result is a meaningful text that can greatly benefit others who follow and seek guidance along their own individual journeys, who may encounter similar obstacles as the author.

Therapeutic Science of Writing


Writing can be an enormously effective therapeutic tool, whereby the author releases emotional trauma, angst, stress, anxiety, and burden giving them the wherewithal to center oneself to enable the uncovering of hidden emotional wounds and face currently open wounds to prepare for the healing process, eventually releasing them and leading to a better life as an overcomer, and inspiring others.

So many of us suffer, burdened by the belief that no one else could have faced a similar challenge. In effect reciting aloneness affirmations, such as,

  • I am the only one
  • No one else has faced such a challenge
  • No one understands my plight
  • I am alone in this struggle
  • There is no hope for me

For the authors who are courageous enough to engage and follow through with the process, they can find health, healing, freedom, enjoying a higher quality of life, and enlightenment, while inspiring others to do likewise.

These people write because it is part of the process. They may be haunted by the past, confused by the reality of the day, releasing themselves from the chains that keep them otherwise bound, and launching themselves into their grand escape.

Deeply Concerned

There is a great deal of suffering and conflict in the world today and many of us are moved and deeply concerned about a situation or circumstance and are not content just to sit back and watch as things unravel, somewhat curious about the potential outcome.

No, these authors post up, pen in hand, and write. They write about a particular topic from their perspective, in a sense to be heard, as they proclaim their resistance against just being another number in the game of life.

These are the influencers who can use such a book to educate and inspire others, potentially starting a movement, and assembling a collective of other concerned individuals who together can help have an impact on the overextending issues that are troubling or may have dire consequences on our world.

So, they are compelled to write and publish, using this book as a tool to gain access to people, public speaking venues, and media, in the hopes of making a difference.


These authors write books targeted at others with whom they are aligned, who share similar interests, to support a cause, or create a movement. Their book can help share emotionally supportive insights, tips, shortcuts, or technological advancements that can benefit others who share like-mindedness.

These like-minded individuals can unite via this author and his or her work which can lead to opportunities to gather in public or online for the benefit of the collective, unhindered by economic or geographical restraints.

These authors are often caught creating events where fans gather together in convention centers or hugely attended online virtual events, and it all starts with writing a book.


Authors will write from their own perspectives about their experiences regarding their own lives or the lives of others they have observed and researched. Their topics may include specific time periods, geographical locations, or situational circumstances.

These documents are enjoyed by others who share like interests and can have referential value for others researching similar topics.

How to

These authors have a particular skillset and desire to share their knowledge, gifts, or abilities with others who can benefit from their knowledge and expertise. These people include the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. People in trades, artists, businesspeople, and enthusiasts of all kinds.

This can be hugely rewarding and helps to document your area of expertise and inspires others to embrace a particular skill or craft, advancing it, and potentially reaching new heights among a group mindset.


To document the unfolding of one’s life over time or during a particular segment of time selected by the author. Doing so is not only autobiographical and documentarian but may also be inspirational for others.


There are those who write from a place of peace. To them, the writing process is a meditative process, which brings them insight and a sense of reprieve from an otherwise chaotic world.


I Want to Write a Book but Just Can’t Seem to Get it Done

You have a book in you just trying to get out, and you’ve even started to write it. You know what it is, you have a feeling that it is important. You get started or start again, and not long after that, something comes up, and you find yourself not writing. You look in the mirror or up into the skies and proclaim, “I want to write a book but just can’t seem to get it done.” You wait for divine inspiration or an answer to your plight and what’s your answer? The sound of crickets or worse yet, only silence.

I hear that a lot. When I meet someone who finds out that I’ve written some books, they tell me the same thing, “I want to write a book but just can’t seem to get it done,” followed by some plea for assistance. Lucky for them, I have a couple of pay programs that help you write your book, or alternatively I will write it for you. Generally, any inquiry about price will change the subject.

It is true, there is a book in you, and it desperately wants to find its way into publication, and the only thing standing between your vision appearing in print, sitting on your bookshelf, and being available in bookstores everywhere, is you.

It’s really not that hard, and I’ve found this really easy to do with the people that I work with, just by getting a commitment to write 500 words a day. Now, that doesn’t sound like very much, until you get to the fourth day and you’re looking at a blank piece of paper or a blank screen. That’s why it’s good to do this in a group.

I have groups of people doing this at any time, so you can jump right in and have an accountability partner who is moving through the same process one step, or 500 words, at a time. Of course, you can write more than 500 words if you’re in the flow, but you can’t stop for the day until you’ve reached at least 500 words. When you awaken the next day, you start over again at zero.

In this way, my people get their books written in 90 days. Then it takes a few days, or a week to format your book, and another few days to create your book cover, write copy for the “About the Author” and description for the back cover and book listing.

There you are, 100 days from today, you can be holding your book in your hands and anyone you know, or don’t know for that matter, can buy your book from anywhere.

At that moment, your life changes. You are an author. You’ve done something that most people don’t. For every one of you that has held your book in your hands for the very first time, there are 1,000 more who wished they could have done what you’re doing right now.

This is the song I sing. Everyone that comes close to me hears it. Write your book. Because you never know. Not long ago, I witnessed a fatal car accident. It troubled me deeply. I did some research about those that lost their lives that day. When I discovered that neither of them had written a book, and I wept.

For them, and for me, because I felt that I had failed them. Had they met me, even if only briefly, they may have had a book written before leaving this realm in such a tragic and sudden manner. And that wasn’t the first time.

The first time, I met an early mentor in my life, and he said the same thing. “I want to write a book but just can’t seem to get it done.” So, I helped him. On day 94 he forwarded his formatted manuscript to review. I made some suggestions and sent him back a copy. No answer.

You guessed it. He died unexpectedly. He did have a life-threatening disease, but no one had any clue that he would slip away suddenly in the middle of the night, like that. No family. Almost a book.

I see those memes all the time that say something like, “Be grateful for today because tomorrow is never promised,” and I used to roll my eyes, but not so much anymore. I get it. We never know when our number is up.

I’m not trying to threaten you or force you to write that book, the one that is begging you to write it down, that book that you’re keeping hidden inside of you. I’m just saying, whatever it takes,

Write Your Book

If I’ve given you hope or inspiration, or not, at least I’ve fulfilled my obligation to my calling, my mission, and that is to say, stop making excuses and do it.

Write Your Book

And if you need help, contact me. I will make this as easy and painless for you as possible.


It’s Time to Write Your Book

You’ve probably already talked about it, or maybe someone who is close to you has already given you this advice, but today, you’re putting this project into motion.

Let me ask you this: Have you ever said, “I could write a book.”? Or has anyone ever said, “You could write a book.”?

At first blush, writing a book sounds like a daunting task. Don’t let that get in your way. This is your life’s calling, your Purpose, Message, Passion, and Mission. People are desperate to hear what you have to say, and some of them have lives hanging in the balance.

You are the Expert in Your Field

There is no better way to establish yourself as an expert in your field as in the writing and publishing of a book, and as the author of the book on what you do, or something that you believe in, is the fastest and easiest way to undeniably establishing you as an expert.

There are many ways to write your book quickly. I’ve interviewed clients for 8 hours, wrote and published books from those interviews. While my students watched, I wrote and published a book, and students could walk into any Barnes and Noble in the world and most other bookstores and get the book in less than 72 hours. Bam!

And it’s not because I’m anyone special.

7 Day Author

It’s really because I am courageous, and if I’ve learned anything in this life, if someone tells me I can’t do something, well, I probably can. And if someone dares me to do something, like my students who dared me to try to write and publish a book in 72 hours, well, you gotta take the dare, right? And I’m the author of 7-day Author: You Can Write and Publish Your Book in 7 Days, and no, I haven’t written the 72-hour Author book.

Decide as quickly as possible on a title for your book, make sure it contains one or more keywords that relate to you and what you do, and put it on your name web site, noting that you are the author of the upcoming book (enter the name of your book) on (enter what you do).

You can get traction and increase your credibility just bay saying that you’re working on the book, as it is a work in progress, and has yet to be published.

It’s a lot easier and faster to write and publish a book today, and it doesn’t have to be a literary masterpiece. Here’s another hot tip for establishing you as an expert and racking up your credibility even more, while empowering you to write your book quickly and easily.

Write a blog. A blog is like an online diary or space where you share your thoughts on particular topics. Your blog posts are accessible by others who Google you, or the topic(s) you write about.

Blog 500 words every day for a month, maybe a month and a half, and you’ve got your book. Put them together and publish your book on Amazon for free, and there you go.

Buy one copy of the book, take a picture of you holding the book and put the picture on your web site, with a link to your Amazon book.

Bam! You are an expert in your field.


Dead Men Tell No Tales

An ancient idiom referring to those who hold secrets are unable to reveal them if they are no longer among the living. In effect, if any secret(s) was/were not revealed prior to his (or her) exit from the body one might say, “He took it with him to the grave.”

Indeed, many secrets and untold tales lie beneath the surface of any graveyard.

Today, despite the phrase being used as a title of Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean installment, the idiom still rings true. While it may have been (and still may be) an effective way of silencing those who are in possession of hidden truths, there is still no doubt, you will not be left with the ability to say much following your passing.

Which reminds me of the first burial I attended. When I was young, my family never went to a funeral. I heard about people who “passed away” but never witnessed a ceremony. My parents just thought the whole idea was morbid and did not believe in celebrating death. After my parents separated, one of my mother’s boyfriends, (name removed), was called upon to bury his father.

This would the first death ceremony my three younger brothers and I would attend. The boyfriend sold his motorcycle to pay for the unmarked plot. We traveled to Astoria, Oregon to attend to the details. Even though the boyfriend had two other siblings, he (and we) were the only ones to stand alongside his father’s freshly laid grave. The son’s only words spoken over the humble, unofficiated service was, “I wish things could have ended differently.”

After a moment of silence, it was off to the recently passed father’s apartment for a bit of treasure hunting. We opened the door to the apartment and were overcome by the rank odor of formerly thick, stale cigarette smoke which lacquered the walls, revealing an extremely small studio, just a desk, a bed, and a small room housing a toilet and a sink. The sliding window was painted shut. In the closet was an ironing board (the iron was in the desk, along with two pairs of tidy whiteys [not so tidy, nor white] and two pairs of socks), two ironed pairs of slacks, two dingy shirts, and a sports coat.

The only other belongings were some toiletries, an empty bottle of orange juice (the kind delivered by the milkman in a glass bottle) in the wastebasket (along with empty cigarette packs and a Baby Ruth candy wrapper) and the entire area was littered with empty bottles which once held a wide variety of booze.

I thought we might collect the bottles to clean up to fill with colored water to sit in the window sill, which I remember being in fashion in those days, but the son insisted on us gathering them to discard in the trash.

This was a defining moment in my younger years and unanswered questions remained with me ever since. Who was this man? What tales could he have told? What secrets or wisdom could he have passed on? Why were there no unsmoked cigarettes, was a Baby Ruth candy bar his last meal, and why was his bed made? Those among many other questions, I or others, will never know the answers to because he took them to the grave with him.

In a previous post, I mention a friend and mentor who I helped to tell his story, only he died a few days before we were able to publish it. I still have his unpublished work.

I’m pretty much an open book, not prone to keeping secrets of my own, maybe because I hold so many secrets that I keep on the behalf of others. In my many years in the ministry, counseling, coaching, and consulting, I have heard a great many tales to which I have a sacred oath to uphold in the guarding of these secrets.

But I have lived a marvelous life, which has been an incredible journey with many tales yet to be told.

And you have, as well.

Your journey has been so amazing. You have lived a life no one else could even imagine. That is, unless you tell your story.

Have you ever wondered, “Should I write the story of my life?”

Oh, YES, you should… and you needn’t stop there. There are a great many stories you could tell. Tell them all (at least the ones that won’t get you killed). Write your book, share your wisdom, speak your truth, and tell your story.

It’s never been easier to write a book than it is right now. So, now is the time to take action, write your story, not because you are going to die one day, but because

your story is dying to be told.

Let it out.

See: How to Write a Book about My Life

Story of My Life How to Write a Book

Rarely does a day go by that someone doesn’t ask me about writing their book. There is no doubt – and I firmly believe – that every person whose heart yet beats has a book inside them dying to get out. The key is allowing the book to be born before you die.

I’m not just randomly saying you need to get your book out before you die because it sounds like a catchy phrase. I’m saying that because I am holding in my hands – right now – the unpublished manuscript from a client and friend who has passed away and it disturbs me greatly.

Story of my life how to write a book

One’s life is comprised of not just a single story, but many stories potentially beneficial to the community at large… or at the very least, preserving your thoughts in your voice, in effect leaving something meaningful behind. And for god’s sake, don’t wait until it’s too late.

People approach me because part of what I do is to help people tell their stories, transitioning to published author. As the author of the out-of-print book, 7-day Author: You Can Write and Publish Your Book in 7 Days, somehow people still get their hands on the book and contact me. 7 Day Author is no longer relevant due to huge changes in book publishing since the book was released. I still assist clients and friends in telling their stories, writing their books and publishing them within a week, although it is done entirely differently now.

Why don’t I revise the book? The fact is, the industry changes rapidly (as many do) and to commit to a book that may lose relevance or go out of print when the shift happens is no longer a compelling motivation for me. So, now I focus on writing books that are more evergreen, having a longer shelf-life and relevancy.

Story of My Life

Back to your story, the story of your life, stories or life’s lessons yearning to be told. When is now a good time to take action?

You never know what life will bring. Every day I thank God for another chance to continue living this life, doing my part –in some (even small) way – to help make the world a better place and to fulfill my life’s purpose of helping others achieve their highest and best.

Hopefully, as you read these words, you are also listening to that voice within beseeching you to, “Please write our story.” The only difference between authors and those who are not authors is that the authors took the action(s) necessary to write and publish their words.

Yes, I do help people write their books for a fee, but it is not my intent to sell you anything, as there are many ways to write and publish your book at little or no cost to you. It’s not about me, it’s about you; your story that must be told. It’s up to you to take the action…

Start writing. Use pen or pencil and paper, type on a typewriter, use a computer or your cell phone. You could even get a digital (or tape) recorder and simply speak your words and either transcribe them yourself, have someone else do it or use your computer as a transcription device using something, like Dragon Speak. However you do it, do something… every day. You will be surprised how a few hundred words a day will accrue into what could become your book, which may include an important message that needs to be told. In fact, it may be the reason you have lived the life that you have lived.

How to Write a Book

The “how” in how to write a book is of less concern to you in this moment than the actual writing of your book. The most important first step requires taking the daily action of recording your thoughts. This is more important than not doing it.

Formulating your ideas into chapters and having a beginning, a middle and an end may be something you can handle, though it is always good to enlist the aid of someone to assist in the formatting, proofreading and editing, if that is possible. If not, don’t let it stop you. Speaking of stopping:

Don’t Let Anything Stop You

Don’t second-guess yourself, do not allow self-doubt to creep up, don’t let any sense of unworthiness threaten your progress. You don’t need to be famous, have a fancy degree or even adequate writing skills to tell your story. You only need to tell it and let nothing stand between you and the publishing of your book.

Publishing your book

It is quicker and easier to publish your book today – now – more than ever. Once you have your manuscript you can publish it freely in both eBook (Kindle) format and physical printed books (the kind you can hold in your hands and sit on your bookshelf) on demand via Amazon.

No Excuses

There is no reason you cannot get this done. Dear God, please don’t let your opportunity to tell your story – in your words – lapse.

We and the world are waiting…
Even now, we are listening for your voice, desiring to read your words…

Share Your Book

If you have taken the action to get your message out and write your book, please let us know in the comments section below, so that others can be encouraged by your decisiveness in taking the action to see your thoughts documented and come to life.

See also: How to Write a Book about My Life

Write Your Book

Nothing is more important than your story; it is part of your reason for coming to this planet. Telling your story, in your unique voice, and sharing your life-message is an integral part to satisfying the design for your life.

For some, their life story is simply a documentation of your existence and interactions with others throughout this journey that we call, “life.” Whether your purpose for sharing this information if for generations to come, or just to share with family and friends, your story deserves to be told and preserved.

For others to whom it is important to share their unique message with like-minded people, or to challenge others with your controversial viewpoint, your life mission includes putting your ideas in print and making them available to all readers who dare peruse the pages of your thoughts.

Many people struggle with the idea of putting their thoughts, ideas, or experiences on paper… The idea of actually going to print may be overwhelming… and this cam lead to your work(s) not being shared.

I have helped many people see their works come-to-life on the printed page. I have helped people write their stories, formulate ideas, thoughts and presentations… and helped them bring them to the stage of completed, printed books, including all means of publishing and promoting.

To get started, you must get your story down on paper… Many people may think, “But I am not an author.” You might think this because you haven’t written a book, yet. But you are an author, the author of your life’s story, or message. I will help you get your book written and printed.

You will retain all the rights to you work. And I will walk alongside of you as you see your work come to life.

I will help you get your book into print in less than 30 days, for $6,449.

Stories deserve to be told and shared. Allow me the honor of creating your book that will stand the test of time. Tell me your story through a phone interview, and I will create a narrative that chronicles your story from a First Person point of view.

This service includes the following:

8-hour phone interview with narrative coordinator
120 to 160-page final manuscript

Here’s How It Works:

You will have a phone interview with a Narrative Coordinator.
Your assigned Narrative Coordinator will guide you through a series of relaxed recorded interviews, focusing on the topics you intend to discuss in your book.

Text editors adjust, reorganize, and polish transcribed text to create a first-person narrative with a natural storytelling flow that makes sense. The story is then Line Edited to ensure correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

You retain all the rights to your story.

You can also purchase these add-on services to enhance your chosen package:

Additional Phone Interview (2 hour Session) – $ 1, 599
Each 2-hour add-on interview adds approximately 30 to 40 pages.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to e-mail us and tell us what other features you would like to see, here at David M Masters.