It’s Easy to Make the World a Better Place

When you look at the world as it is, it’s easy to make the world a better place based on what do you see, feel, do.

What do you see?

What you observe when you look at events that are taking place all around you or in the world, you do so based on where you are along a spectrum amidst the continuum of observation. On one end you might only be able to witness all the craziness and bad things that are happening. On the other end of the spectrum is only love, peace, and harmony in all things.

There is nothing wrong with seeing, and taking notice of, any of the things you are observing which resonate with you or cause you discomfort when you become aware of them. In fact, your having feelings about what you are witnessing is a key component in energizing the flow of that which you are an observant participant of.

What do you feel?

If you are a witness to a particular event which arouses certain good feeling vibrations, your energetic response supports and promotes the energy of the event taking place exponentially. At the very minimum, any area within three to five feet in any direction all around you is affected by the energy you feel about what you are viewing and participating in.

It doesn’t have to be live. The event you are participating in may be prerecorded, like viewing a video of a soldier coming home from war and surprising his son. Or your awareness may be piqued by your imagination, inspired by certain words you’ve read in a book. Whatever the source, you are observing, participating, and how you feel not only affects you but the world around you.

What do you do?

What you do next, based on how you feel, promotes what you’ve witnessed and how it made you feel a hundred-fold.

Let’s say you saw the video about the soldier’s homecoming who surprised his on Facebook. Seeing it made you feel good. So good, that your heart welled up with love and in the overflowing of emotion you wept tears of happiness. This immediately resonates within every cell of your body (boosting your immune system for hours) and everything around you.

Then inspired by the love you feel in that moment you take action and do something about it. You share it on Facebook. You’ve energetically promoted this powerful event with a hundred times the efficacy that it would have had, had you kept it to yourself. To add even more energy to it, you can promote it with even more energetic efficacy (2x) by adding any two personal words representing how you feel about it to the post. Four words, twice as much. Add two more (six words) double it again. ((100 x 2) x 2) x2. And on and on it goes.

Wow! You have a lot of power to promote good feeling vibrations and sending love to the world!

You. Just one person in the world.

And having done so, you have done a very good thing. You are a very powerful force for good in the world.

See, it’s easy to make the world a better place

It’s just as easy not to make the world a better place

One caveat: It’s just as easy to promote those things which you dislike about the world. If you can catch yourself within the first seven seconds, switch your state to the opposite and promote the positive, you can honor your observation of what you don’t want and make the world a better place.

Example: You see a news story about keeping people from crossing the borders and it upsets you. You could share the story along with a personal statement about how bad it is to do such a thing. You’ve just exponentially energized what you don’t want. Instead, if you can catch yourself within 7 seconds and share a positive story about how allowing loving and caring Americans to volunteer to sponsor or “adopt” those crossing the borders, can make the world a better place.