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Wrapping up the month of July, here’s a quick screen shot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

Life is either a daring adventure or nothingWhat an Awesome Life innovative ideas from the universeInnovative Ideas You are in the right place at the right time to receive the idea what will you doYour Great Idea
playing the piano unconscious competence masteryUnconscious Competence Slow moving vehicle smv relax slow moving vehicles daySlow Moving Vehicles are you psychic do i have psychic abilitiesAre You Psychic?
Consider making new friends for a better lifeFriends and Success What have you done today to accumulate financial successWhat Have I Done Today? celebrate celebration celebrity celebrations celebrate good timesCelebrate Good Times Come On
one day at a time one breath on step antonio guillemOne Day at a Time Trust-Betrayal-David-M-Masters-dealing-with-breach-of-trust-healing-how-to-trust-againDealing with Betrayal innocent prisoner released after 18 yearsInnocent Prisoner Released After 18 Years
Do you want to make the world a better placeWant to Make the World a Better Place? how to make a million dollars make money one million dollars 1 million dollars how to make money million dollarHow to Make a Million Dollars self healing non medical treatment medical alternatives self help therapy naturopath homeopathySelf Healing and Health Care
intention activities friends energy vibration communicationIntention Activities Friends love magnet vibrationLove Magnet Vibration starting a business ideas open for business craigslistStarting a Business Ideas
hypnosisHypnosis with great power comes great responsibility spider man super powers abilities voltaire quoteWith Great Power Comes Great Responsibility burning bridges mending fences relationships bridge burningBurning Bridges
power of complaining pessimistic whining complaint take actionPower of Complaining weaponizing spirits aliens ghosts government paranormal cover up conspiracyWeaponizing Spirits Aliens and Ghosts truth honesty consequences imagination sincerityTruth and Consequences
personal development quantum spirit science expansion of consciousnessPersonal Development Quantum and Spirit Science intuitive intuition heart 7 seconds mind 3 seconds precognitive intuitionIntuitive Intuition digital romance social media and relationships romantic relationship technology boundariesDigital Relationship Questions
integrity intuition imagination heart centered business holistic entrepreneursIntegrity Intuition Imagination haters gonna hate cyber bullying sadistic internet trollsHaters Gonna Hate PFC Aaron Eli Fairbairn 20 Aberdeen Washington Died July 4 2009 Paktika AfghanistanRemembering Aaron on the 4th of July
let it go walk away tough love letting go of someone you love stupid things know when to walk awayWalk Away Let It Go im done i dont know what to say when you feel like giving upI’m Done

what an awesome life innovative ideas your great idea unconscious competence are you psychic

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