Starting a Business Ideas

Let’s say (just as a simple exercise, not that this has anything to do with you, so no need to take it personal) you suddenly had lost your job in a down economy and after weeks or months looking for work, you were unable to secure gainful employment… What would you do?

You might consider a few ways to make money, when it looks as though there is none to be had, in an effort to survive. You could ponder the idea of engaging in a life of crime, like selling illegal drugs, car jacking, robbing a bank, or other endeavors, like selling your own blood, panhandling or standing on a street corner with a “Will Work for Food” sign, etc…

Some people, like you and me, we pull up our bootstraps and find a way to allow others who have some of this allusive money to feel compelled to bless us with some of theirs in exchange for some product or service. Call it what you want, we’re starting a business.

Oh, that’s easy for you to say, you wrote the book, Business Ideas for Home Based Business. Regardless, it’s not that hard to figure out how to create opportunities for others to give you money (without holding them at gunpoint).

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Think about it, you could figure it out when you were young (or you know other youngsters who did). If a kid wants something that costs money, he/she can figure out ways to make it happen (by other methods besides theft), like having a lemonade stand, babysitting, mowing lawns, washing cars or walking dogs.

A stroll by any community bulletin board will give you some ideas. As I stop for gas, a quick review of the bulletin board at the gas station has postings for housekeeping, fire wood for sale, handyman services, landscaping, and other postings with more of a business-like approach, such as auto repair, beauty supplies/services, massage therapy, pet grooming, aromatherapy, tarot card readings and a variety of business opportunities.

Of course, nowadays instead of a bulletin board, you’re more likely to find free postings on Craig’s List. Some of the postings I’ve seen recently include painting services, guitar lessons, yoga classes, educational tutors, web site design, computer virus removal, pet sitting, dog training, wedding photography, catering, pressure washing, laundry services and other odd jobs.

You can see there is little excuse for someone, even with the most remedial skills, can offer assistance to someone else in the community possessing the wherewithal to exchange cash for services.

You have skills – we all have skills – that would offer advantages to others who will pay you for a little help here and there. The more creative and industrious you are, the more you can charge.

I am impressed by the number of entrepreneurs who have started profitable businesses that started on a shoe-string as the result of being hit with hard times. In this manner, a financial shortfall with a little ingenuity could turn into a booming business and set you on a new path of self-sufficiency, business success and eventual prosperity.

Start small and you could build your business into a virtual fortune.

People are waiting for you now, and enthusiastically looking for your posting… So what are you waiting for?






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