7 Infatuation Signs

What is the difference between love and infatuation? It will take a bit of work on your part to figure out what the difference is, because you will have to help in the defining process. You must have a good idea of what infatuation is, then it’s up to you to determine what love is for you, because as you may already know “love” means different things to different people.

When you’re feeling attraction toward someone you can ask yourself, “Is this love or infatuation?” If you have your wits about you, knowing the answer upfront can have a tremendous impact on how your potential relationship unfolds with the person who has captured your attention.

Both infatuations and love have attraction as a key component, so it’s no surprise that you get confused because it’s confusing, plus you have all this chemistry firing off within your biology which is throwing you for a loop.

Hopefully, you can find the wherewithal amidst all this confusion to review the



Yes, you are over-the-top enamored with the object of your affection. You only see his or her amazing qualities and you feel somewhat unworthy of their attention when you compare your humanity to their perfect attributes, which makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world to be with him or her. You focus on your vision of this person rather than really getting to know and connect to him or her.


The way you feel about this person is accelerating at an incredible pace, and there is a sense of urgency to move the relationship forward hard and fast, as if there were no tomorrow, and you might end up losing out on the opportunity to be with this person for the long term if you don’t act now. Your rational self would not want to appear to be in such a desperate rush.


It’s as if you’ve forgotten who you are, or in the shadow of the object of your affection, you just don’t matter. Your desire to please or appear to be pleasing to your partner is so strong that those meaningful parts of you fade away into the background as you feel less important and you begin to mold yourself into a version of him or her. It’s no longer about you. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for him or her.


Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with having a healthy sexual relationship, but when your sex drive is the driving force and it overshadows your desire to have a meaningful, open, honest, compassionate, and deep connectedness with your partner, there is little or no room for love.


The activities that you find yourself involved in, the partnering show that you’re playing out for your partner, and onlookers, does not feel authentic to you. And when you have those brief moments of clarity when you ask yourself, “What am I doing?” Your infatuation brushes that thought aside and forces you to reengage your acting your part again, because that “feels” better than being alone. So, you continue play your part and promote the façade.


Normally, you may be fairly confident and independent, but if you’re lost in infatuation, you may be willing to compromise your own personal dignity to unusually acquiesce to your partner, allowing him or her to control or dominate you. If you find yourself willing allowing him or her to control you, this is not love, it’s infatuation.


The greater part of you knows you’re propagating a relationship which has no chance of lasting and you exert a lot of effort to support the illusion that this is real, even when you know there is no real connection, here. You are delusional and in denial.


The fact that you are infatuated and not in love may not be apparent to you, even though you really know better, it’s more often likely than not, that others who see you fawning over your partner and not being true to yourself can see it, but they’re often too polite to tell you.


And if they did dare to tell you, you are likely to protest and insist, “No, this is the one!” So, what’s the point.







You think that you are in love, but in reality, it could be mere attraction. These are nothing but signs of infatuation. You don’t think straight and follow only those things which your heightened feelings are telling you to do. Infatuation just keeps throwing you deeper into your delusions, making you think of this perfect life and perfect person. And you always thought these are signs of love?

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