Difference Between Love and Infatuation

Knowing the difference between love and infatuation can help you navigate your partnering and potential romances toward something more meaningful if your intention is to have a meaningful, lasting love relationship with your significant other or soul mate.

Difference Between Love and Infatuation

If you want to attract your true love, you need to avoid wasting your time with infatuation.

Okay, there’s nothing wrong with dating. In fact, dating, getting out there and connecting with people in the anticipatory vibration of connecting with someone, getting to know them better, and being open to the possibilities of having a deep and meaningful relationship is exactly what you want to do.

This is a positive, magnetic vibration that will attract your partner.

But, if you’re in a superficial infatuation-fueled one-on-one relationship with the wrong person, and your potential soul mate wanders into your gravitational field, he or she will likely not take notice of you and walk on.

So, date. Yes. But resist the temptation to be totally enthralled with the wrong person, so that you do not miss your opportunity to be available when the right one appears on the horizon.

Love is not superficial adoration, keeping you in a panicked sense of urgency, where you lose yourself while you are highly motivated by sex. Love is not acting out your part or pretending to be in love or impressing your partner. Love is not letting someone control you or exerting a great deal of effort to support the illusion. Love is not these things. This is infatuation.

Love is

wanting to be with your partner in a deep and meaningful way with the desire to share an open and honest connection that flows both ways, loving and supporting each other. You desire a deep understanding one with the other.

When you communicate, you find yourself unguardedly connecting even more, and having meaningful conversations, cherishing the ability to share who you really are mentally and physically, revealing all your secrets, no lies, and willing to be vulnerable.

You desire a healthy sexual relationship with your partner, but it is not the primary driving force.

You are blessed just basking in the presence of your partner, even if just cuddling on the sofa.

Being in love means you can relax into a communion with your partner that is natural, and there is no need to feel pressure to impress each other, or those who might be observing your relationship from the outside.

Love deepens, compassion and respect grow, as you and your partner open up and share your intimacies one with the other.

If you can keep your infatuation at bay, true love can find you, and you will be ready for it.

Can infatuation turn into love? Can friends become lovers? Can you be friends once you’ve been there?

Yes, all things are possible if you can stay true to yourself and preserve the sacred space for having all the love your heart desires, and it will come to you.


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