A Brief Look at T. Harv Eker’s 6 Money Jar Management System

Achieving financial success is not merely about making money; it’s also about managing it wisely. T. Harv Eker introduced a powerful financial management system, the 6 Money Jar Method, designed to bring clarity and purpose to your income distribution.

This simple method uses six jars, each labeled for its use and comes with a percentage of your net income designated for a particular purpose. While on the surface it may sound highly restrictive, it is a disciplined approach to help you budget while looking after your financial big picture. And if that is beginning to sound highly restrictive, don’t panic. While there are jars for the usual things that you might expect to hear from a money manager, note there are jars for “Education,” “Giving,” and surprisingly, “Play.”

Yes, while it is essential to learn money management skills to raise your money frequency, having fun is just as important as any part of your money vibration. In this way, you help to reset your money setpoint.

This system is divulged as a method of using six physical jars, which could be the starting point to get you into the habit of separating your money into different amounts for specific purposes; you can understand that this translates into using six different bank accounts just as easily, each one with its own debit card used for specific purposes.

  1. Jar 1: Necessities (55% of Your Income):
    • Allocate 55% of your income to cover essential expenses vital for your family’s well-being.
    • Examples include food, shelter, transportation, utilities, and recurring bills.
    • Set Aside: $55.
  2. Jar 2: Long-Term Savings For Spending (10% of Your Income):
    • Dedicate 10% of your income to building a financial safety net for emergencies and significant purchases.
    • Examples encompass a rainy day fund, emergency medical expenses, and savings for a home down payment.
    • Set Aside: $10.
  3. Jar 3: Play (10% of Your Income):
    • Designate 10% of your income to indulge in activities that bring joy to you and your family.
    • Examples involve treating yourself to fancy dinners, spa days, travel adventures, or attending concerts.
    • Set Aside: $10.
  4. Jar 4: Education (10% of Your Income):
    • Devote 10% of your income to continual personal and professional growth.
    • Examples range from investing in books, courses, coaching, to mentoring opportunities.
    • Set Aside: $10.
  5. Jar 5: Financial Freedom (10% of Your Income):
    • Set aside 10% of your income to pave the way for financial independence through passive income streams.
    • Examples include investments in stocks, mutual funds, real estate, affiliate marketing, and automated business ventures.
    • Set Aside: $10.
  6. Jar 6: Give (5% of Your Income):
    • Allocate 5% of your income for philanthropy, supporting causes that uplift and educate others.
    • Examples involve contributions to non-profits, faith-based groups, NGOs, or assisting personal contacts in need.
    • Set Aside: $5.

Note that of all the jars, the one labeled PLAY must emptied and spent every month on fun stuff that brings you joy and happiness. As you raise your money frequency and reset your financial setpoint, this jar or account raises in relation to the others as well. Think about what this jar will look like when you add a zero to it and later adding another zero.

This is the abundance mindset. Imagine having to spend the current amount with two additional zeros added every month just for you to enjoy all the nice things this world has to offer. That is an abundance that is worth moving toward as you start to attract more financial abundance.

Your FINANCIAL FREEDOM jar is not for speeding. It is not for put-and-take money but is reserved for put-and-keep money. Money that is set aside for investing only. This is for investing to generate a greater financial profit. As the profits from your investments come in, they are redistributed as new income throughout the jar system, and so, your net worth grows, further raising your financial set point.


T. Harv Eker’s 6 Money Jar Management System provides a holistic framework for managing your finances, ensuring that your income serves various aspects of your life purposefully. By implementing this system, you secure your financial stability and nurture personal growth, joy, and a commitment to giving back to the community. Consider customizing this system to align with your unique financial goals, fostering a balanced and prosperous life.


This JARS Money Management System Can Work Miracles For You

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