Being in the Now

The idea of being in the now is gaining in universal consciousness thanks to expansion explorers like Eckhart Tolle (see: Power of Now), and others. There is a growing awareness that being in the now brings human beings to a powerful emotional state no longer haunted by the past or fearful of the future.

Being in the now welcomes infinite possibilities.

You don’t just wake up one day and discover you are being in the now (well, really you do), usually you have done some work in preparation of your awakening to your being in the now.

You have been subjected to a great deal of social programming which prevents you from embracing the idea of being in the now. The goal of social engineers is to keep you in a weakened and fearful state of mind so that you can be manipulated and controlled more easily. Not knowing any better, we and our parents who went before us and their parents, all fell for the same brainwashing techniques, though their methods have become more advanced in present days.

In this “normal” state of being you walk a pre-programmed path (designed for you by social engineering) which leads to performing your assigned tasks as a cog in the machine of life, after which you are awarded the end of life. No more struggling to get by or fit in, just the welcomed release of it all.

In preparation of embracing the nowness of life, you will most likely find yourself in a process of tending to the deep work of inner healing from emotional wounds, recognizing and disarming the minefield (mind-field) of social programming which does not serve you, and discovering ways to let go of the shadows from your past which haunt you.

Without having to fight the demons of your past in a weakened state of suffering from emotional wounds and social engineering, you are free to be.

Being in the Now

Armed with being in a state of mind which is free from the past and fearful expectations of your future, you are able to be open to the infinite possibilities which are available to you as you are open to new ideas and potentialities.

Every breath is a new moment, a new life, with unlimited possibility in the now. Anything could happen, and you are at peace with “what is.” This is living in the now.

Nothing can really prepare you for this moment, because once you’ve made it to now, you are in new, unfamiliar, territory. It’s like waking up in a town in a distant country with no idea where you are and unable to speak the language. There is no need to panic, just acclimate the best you can, try to blend in, and find your own way.

In this new state of being in the now you can continue to grow, expand, and evolve into the higher version of yourself and everything around you, the whole world and the universe, changes and evolves with you. Prepare yourself nor only for a new, awakened state of being, but be also prepared to see everything differently.

In the now, you become your own teacher accompanied by your guides and higher self to embark on a journey that is highly unlike the path to death which you may have walked prior to awakening to the now.

Now, you are free to live a life unencumbered by social programming and each breath you take in the now represents a new life of infinite possibility.

As you do so, you can rely more on your intuition, your inner guidance system, check with your higher self, and let your feelings guide you to new life and the evolving into empowered human potential.

Now that you are being in the now, you are awakened and aware, able to see things as they are with more clarity than ever before.

You can settle into your divine purpose, your original calling, and everything looks, feels, and is better, even amazing as you take each breath and step in this new life of love, peace, and harmony.

In this moment, you are you. The “you” you were destined to be.

Celebrate this new you, empowered to go forth into the world, with your newfound awareness and divinity intact.

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