Distracted Much?

You ever notice how many distractions abound in the world around you? It seems like every second of every day, you are hit with a constant barrage of data, information, unsettling news, wild stories, other people’s complaints, things that bother or upset you, life tugging on your shirt vying for your attention. It’s as if there was an unseen force exerting itself via any means available to keep you from doing what it is that you want to (or need to) do.

Especially, if you’ve done the work of determining what your Purpose, Message, Passion, and Mission (PMPM) in life is. You’ve discovered what will bring you real satisfaction, joy, peace, and harmony in life, but all these constant distractions are keeping you from focusing on fully living the life you were intended to live.

What if everything that distracts you was designed to do just that?

What if there was an entity comprised of individuals and/or energies whose entire purpose was to keep you from achieving your highest and best? What if this group, organization, or other type of entity was charged only with your distraction 24/7? To design a constant flow of data and/or drama to interrupt any divine thought you might have about being all that you could be?


There is no doubt, that every time you try to focus on doing something massively good, really making a valid contribution to your family, community, or the world at large, what happens?

You are interrupted by distraction. Sometimes the distraction is just a part of ordinary life, in other times it is Earth-shattering. Interestingly enough, the result is the same.

Any momentum you may have gained building toward your heart’s desire, fulfilling your purpose, spreading your message, engaging in those activities that you are passionate about, while accomplishing your life’s sacred mission, is lost in a heartbeat when you stroll is completely disrupted by anything but that which you would love to have active in your life.

It’s the commercial about abused animals, it’s the neighbors arguing loudly in the middle of the night, it’s the dent in your car which showed up while it was safely parked, it’s the lack of finances, it’s the inconsistencies your noticing in your partner, it’s the feeling like you’re not being recognized for your contributions, it’s the Facebook meme that infuriates you, it’s the unexpected attention of an old friend (or foe) from the past, its any of 35,000 things that interrupt your thoughts and intentions every day.

Do you think its any coincidence that all this news, the rumors, and circumstances are slowing your roll or derailing your train of thought constantly all day, all night, long?


Think about it.

What if you were able to achieve your highest and best, to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place? What impact would that have on your family, friends, community, and the world?

Maybe, if one person could break through the muck and mire of everyday existence to answer their life’s calling, the system might be able to quash the inspired murmurings of one person. One. But what about two, or more? What about hundreds, or thousands, of inspired individuals reaching for the stars, embracing their own power, and having a massive impact? What would happen then?

The system which represents the life we’ve all come to expect as “normal,” the profiting of the few off the backs of the many, would no longer be sustainable. The system would collapse, and an enlightened people would rise up with true individual valuation and freedom, unencumbered by the profiteers.

In the meantime, none of us (because I include myself in the equation) is exempt from the constant attention-grabbing tsunami which fights to keep us distracted from achieving our highest and best.

I can hear a horrifying story on the news and be completely disempowered in the moment, just as any one of us would be.

Psst… (here’s a secret): If I allow them to throw me off-track, they’ve won, again. They’ve won.


There is a way to thwart the power-hungry “powers that be” (I intentionally put that in quotations because I think their days are numbered) who seek to keep an unenlightened populace enslaved can be challenged.

But it’s up to us (you and me) to recognize all those distractions for what they are. It’s all illusion, just smoke and mirrors, designed to keep us from achieving our full potential and evolving into the next generation of Earthlings which will emerge is a power unlike any other known in the universe.

So, the next time you see it (whatever it is), see it for what it is: a distraction. You may acknowledge it, the importance of it, but then quickly refocus your attention on those things which feed your soul and promote your life’s work.

Don’t let them distract you anymore.

Whatever it is, it is not your department. If it is outside of your direct control, it is what it is. Let it be, and keep moving forward.

Then, let them deal with you, and all of us who are joining you in the evolutionary expansion of mankind.

As we do, each of us individually and all of us collectively, their system will crumble and fall to the ground.

Our expansion and authentic freedom is just around the corner (and they are not liking it. Not one bit).

You are the answer.


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