Do Not Break Character

You come to this planet for many reasons. From the point of view of your highest and best, you have come here with a Purpose, Message, Passion, and Mission (PMPM) to exercise here, but if you are somewhat normal, your sense of these are quashed early in life.

That’s okay because there’s a backup plan for you fulfilling a call to the active living out of your personal passion play, as you also play a part (or many parts) in the life-plays of other individuals whose paths will intersect or run in tandem with yours.

You will play your part, and you will not break character while in the process of doing so, as it is programmed deep into every cell of your body in this “reality.” This is so deeply embedded in you so that you do not break character.

In living out your performance in one moment you may be someone else’s hero, in another, you will play the villain, and this is your secondary reason for being born. This programming is powered by the standard energetic vibrational frequency of our planet, and our social structures fully and seamlessly support this.

While most of us are keenly focused on this 3D level of existence, there are many other levels of existence, living of life, and experiences going on simultaneously among our multiverse.

There is a higher vibrational version of you that is experiencing you’re playing out of your part and living out your own personal passion play. This part of you was fully aware of your purpose, message, passion, and mission, and additionally has a basic understanding of the part(s) you would and will continue play out in the lives of others as they intersected.

There may have been some pre-planning of certain episodic characteristics of your personal passion play which have been pre-determined. For instance, your higher self may have made an agreement with someone with whom they are very close, recruiting them to play certain parts in your personal passion play. In other cases, while your higher self was readying for your incarnation, someone may have volunteered to play out a part of a dastardly character, with the pledge to play this part in such a way as to be evil enough to accomplish the task, but gentle enough not foil the entire theme.

And you do not break character throughout your own personal passion play, that is, unless you


If you can break free from the third-dimensional trance, which happens to most people, even if only for a moment, you can get a glimpse of the broader scale of existence. Normally, when this occurs, the sociological structure will persuade you to return to the trance-state which is “normal.” This is the path of least resistance, so most people concede.

Some, though, persist in their awakening and start to see the big picture.

You are in this phase of awakening, and you’re considering reconnecting to your primary purpose, message, passion, and mission to live out a more fulfilling life in the living out of your personal passion play.

Akawening can empower you to totally break character, increasing your ability to achieve your highest and best, to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

Your higher self celebrates when you break through the barriers of the planetary confines and expand your consciousness beyond that of your peers. This is the next evolutionary phase of humanity on this planet which you are a part of, though the powers that be, would prefer that this evolution not take place.

Those who might do anything to prevent this evolutionary process to take place have a great deal to lose, because the system which they have devised, as brilliantly complex as it is, is not sustainable on a planet of enlightened individuals.

If none of this makes sense to you, not to worry. When your personal passion play on this planet is complete, you will instantly know why things aren’t always what they seem.

In that moment, you break character, and your awareness is instantly that of your higher self. Then, everything makes sense.

And (this may disappoint some people) even if you played a wicked character in this life, you will wake up full of love, because in that dimension where your higher self resides, there is only love. We come here to enjoy some drama, to see what it’s like.

What a wild ride this has been.


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