Evil Dad is Dead

I have a client whose father had passed away and offered my condolences to Justine regarding the loss of her parent. I expected a soulful response, instead, she went into a near-violent monologue citing all the horrible things her father had done to her throughout her whole life. Justine said, “I’m glad he’s dead,” and intimated that there was no one else she could think of, who was more deserving of death (and a little burning in hell wouldn’t hurt any either).

Clearly, Justine had issues to work out considering her father, her past, and the life they shared.

Drama and trauma visit us all through life and you push down your feelings about the stuff that would otherwise prevent you from moving forward or might even have killed anyone who was not as strong as you. And it works. But you could do better.

Justine may have a new sense of freedom in the knowing that her unsupportive and abusive father was dead, which liberated her from the dark cloud of his existence from her life, or long ago, she could have found freedom in realizing that things are not always as they seem, and seeing the broad view of the sacredness in all things.

All relationships invite components of angst, disappointment, trust betrayal, and abusive behavior. If you haven’t seen this yet, give it time. Dealing with these inconsistencies or surprises in relationships is what strengthens your resolve to rely on yourself more as the answer to the satisfaction you seek in this life.

At some point in time, your focal point in life changes from the view from your physical body, struggling to survive in the trenches of every day life, to the divine version of your self which sees that everything and everyone in this life are all players in your personal passion play, and that everyone is playing their part perfectly. Everyone.

I know, Nietzsche’s contemporized quote, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, doesn’t sound appealing in the moment of despair, but nevertheless, it is true. Those moments when we look the devil in the eye and live to tell about it, do make us stronger, better than we were before, even though there may be some lag-time in the healing from the event to fully attain all the benefits from the experience.

You can struggle to understand what is going on from this 3D experience to the best of your ability, and many people have done a magnificent job of doing so, or you can see it from the point of view of your higher self, either from here or after you leave here. After you leave, everything makes sense and you are in a constant vibrational state of love, where there is no conflict.

If you could imagine going from this life to a state of being where there was only love, you might think that, if given the opportunity, you might like to come to a place, like planet Earth, and live out a life with an entire spectrum of experiences. Or, maybe you might have an interest in one particular type of behavior and the life which accompanies it, and desire to see what it would be like to live out a life, like that. Out of pure curiosity.

In Justine’s case, that’s just what happened.

She and her best friend as their highest selves agreed to come here and play out these two parts. Her friend would come here first, to set the stage to play the part of the evil father, then Justine was born to play out the part of the abused daughter.

Neither party knew how the precise elements of these lives would play out in specific detail, but the key components were set up and agreed to in advance of embarking on this journey.

And Justine’s being glad that her father was dead?

All a precisely orchestrated part of her personal passion play performed perfectly in every detail.

This is where she needs to be at this critical moment in her journey. From here, the rest of her story plays out.

While her best friend waits off-camera (so to speak) wishing she could have broken her commitment to “do not break character,” while playing the part of the evil dad, also knowing the sacred responsibility she had to do so for her friend. She completely loves Justine as she continues to watch her live out the rest of the story, anticipating the hour when they are both reunited to share the details of their journeys both together and separately.

Now, Justine’s story begins again.


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