COVID-19 Human Immunity and Evolution

What an exciting time in history to be alive, to witness firsthand the evolution of mankind and our planet take place before our very eyes. How blessed are we to be here, some of us directly involved with the process as the story unfolds before us, as we grow and experience the new human evolution.

The nature of the human growth experience is to encounter a formidable foe, to do battle with it which may cost many lives in the process and defeat it. Human evolution is the result of identifying and remembering the encounter, learning the warning signs and being ready to thwart such a foe if it rears its ugly head again.

These battles can take place on the biological front, the political or sociological front. We’ve witnessed the full gamut from oppression to growing freedom and individualized expressive opportunities as we continue to awaken and expand.

This evolutionary process also rings true throughout the human body even at the cellular level. When the body is invaded by an entirely new predatory organism, the immune system goes to battle and may lose the first battle, but it remembers and learns. In subsequent battles, the immune system fights harder and smarter, until this organism is no longer a threat.

And never has it been so apparent in this lifetime than right now, in the present day, in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here we all are doing our best to survive as the COVID-19 virus looms over us. Most of us conceding to lock ourselves indoors and practice social distancing (staying six feet away from any non-household member) and wearing face masks (some even homemade).

Education, restaurants, and businesses are shut down, and some of these resources which we’ve come so accustomed to are finding alternative ways to resume operation by experimenting with other methods of conducting business.

In-person education is extending its offerings online, restaurants are offering curbside pickups and deliveries. Other businesses are putting their offerings of web sites and offering home delivery.

Friends and families are finding alternative ways to interact online because it’s against the law for more than five people to meet, and if you are in a small group of people (five or less) you must maintain the 6-foot separation rule “or else.” (Granted, we’re still in the early stages of this process, and there is not much “or else” to be had, though some states are offering monetary fines and jail time for those who refuse to obey the rules of quarantine.)

Things could get worse before they get better, though we are teased by the President and politicians that things will be back to normal soon, and you’ll be able to go back to work, and enjoy your life again.

All of this, so very exciting to witness and live through, right here in real-time in the third dimension.

So interesting to watch each detail unfold and wonder

“I wonder what’s really going on?”

Because we all know things aren’t always what they seem.

Who knows what’s really going on. I am regularly surprised to discover things that been going on behind the scenes for a long time, and I was totally unaware of them. For instance, it was just a few years ago that I didn’t know (and couldn’t allow myself to believe) that human trafficking was a thing, right here in America.

We are surrounded by lies and deception that is supposedly “in our best interest” and we’re shocked when we discover this to be true, yet we all do the same thing. We all have certain details that we keep close to the vest and it’s all in the truth continuum.

What are you hiding?

It’s no wonder we’re so fascinated by trying to figure out what is conspiracy theory and truth. And in the meantime, at least you can rest assured that you are always right.

In any case, exciting times, that I am so blessed to be a witness to as I can feel myself evolving even now.

How about you?

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