Dream, Team, Laser Beam

Okay, you have your dream, you have your team, now focus like a laser beam.

You know what you want, you have a support system in place, now it’s time to create a map that will be a straight line from where you are to where you want to be.

(Ignore the laughter you hear from entrepreneurs in the background…)

Chart your course from here to there.

Let’s say you want to buy a business for $200,000.00 in one year. That means you’ll have to raise around $17,000.00 a month to reach your goal.

You have one main goal of $200,000.00 in 12 months; next you create smaller bit-sized goals to get you from here to where you want to be. In this case, it’s about $3850.00 per week or $548.00 per day.

If your goal is to write a 350-page book in a year, the math is simple. One page per day will get you from here to your goal in 12 months.

Oh, about the laughter from the entrepreneur’s peanut gallery… They know that even the best mapped out plans rarely goes as planned. This is why you need a team.

Success what it really looks like

Your team is there to help you trouble-shoot in the moment when Murphy’s Law rears its ugly head.

You are prepared for any challenge. This is the advantage of having as many intermediary goals as possible because as soon as you are able to determine a glitch (not reaching your short-term goal) you can call an emergency meeting with your team.

Your team can review all the available data and help to re-structure advertising, marketing or promotional approaches to recover the loss as quickly as possible to get you back on track.

After your team has revamped your system, if the results were unrecoverable; then it might be time to restructure your goals completely. Maybe reaching your goal in one year was too lofty, it may be time to stretch it out to 18 months or two years.

This is the nature of the creation process; it rarely goes according to plan. You must allow for unforeseen contingencies and be able to make minute or major adjustments on-the-fly as necessary at the earliest determinable point in time.

The quickest way between two points is a straight line (which can be arguable according to some engineers and physicists), yet in real life – even the best laid plans – the road is a twisting and curvy path with unexpected detours, accidents and road construction that lies ahead.

The key is to stay true to the course regardless of the changing terrain or travel conditions.

Exception: Know when it’s time to abort your dream and dream a new dream.

Your team can also help you determine when it is not feasible to continue pursuing a dream that may not be attainable at all.

How many times has an entrepreneur remained committed to a project that was an endless money pit? It happens. Sometimes the passion of the dreamer exceeds the required components necessary to see it through to fruition. Not that it is not possible, because everything is possible given enough time and money, but your combined resources may not be adequate to make it happen.

Likewise, knowing when to bail and seek a new project can keep you out of trouble.

Be willing to let go, if necessary, it can save your business (and possibly your family and life expectancy).

Keep on keeping on…

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