Every Day I am Getting Better in Every Way

Every thought of making the shift in your life from routine and ordinary to excellence and magnificence? If you ever thought of making such a drastic transition, it may seem nearly impossible, but clearly many human beings have made such a transition in the past, and there are those who are in the process of making this shift every day in every way. You could be one of them.

In business, the Kaizen philosophy seeks to empower every employee from the CEO to the janitor with the ability to make shifts in the business for the constant and never-ending improvement of the organization. In this way, the entire organization becomes simulates a living-being wherein any cell can affect the neighboring cell or the entire being by making tiny shifts in the direction of improvement.

Collectively and independently each cell is its own laboratory conducting experiments every day, observing results, and sharing data with the rest of the organism. Some cells may have no life-changing impact on a given day, but the more employees you have, the more cell laboratories you have conducting these experiments every day. If your organization has 300 employees, you could easily expect one tweak per day that keeps your organism in a state of continual metamorphosis to achieve your highest and best.

Just like this Kaizen philosophy transforms an ordinary organization into a metaphorical ever-expanding conscious being, it can be applied to you, your evolutionary self, which can be growing and advancing exponentially every day in every way.

You can open your mind by exposing yourself to new positively focused advanced information every day. Limit your exposure to the growth-canceling vibratory media. Beware the garbage-in garbage-out. Take my Media Distraction Challenge and stop letting that negative media distract you from your otherwise healthy state of growth and expansion.

Make a commitment to continue moving your holistic organism forward in a powerfully positive way. Tony Robbins calls this Constant and Never-ending Improvement, or CANI. Keep up the pace and allow this philosophy to overflow into all areas of your life, not just your mind. Be sure to include your body, soul, and spirit.

Just like Toyota (credited with fully adopting the Kaizen philosophy), you can empower your cells, each and every one of them, to help support your commitment mantra

Every Day I am Getting Better in Every Way

How you empower your cells is to honor, protect, and give them the tools to conduct the work of conducting their experiments and influencing the rest of your organism for the greater good.

Start by providing them with the raw materials they need to achieve maximum potential. You can start by taking an over-the-counter multivitamin. Some are better than others but don’t the science of anything keep you from taking action. Like, pick up some Flintstone’s Chewables, anything, really. Take them every day, then casually do your research and get something better the next go-round, but don’t stop. In this way you know that you are doing something for your cells every day, and they will be able to support you. Without it, you’re sending an email order to your cells to suspend any Kaizen activities until further notice.

Don’t forget to allow crossover between systems and organizational barriers. Allow management to interact with line staff to exchange ideas and resources to create hybrid solutions which may have even the smallest impact on the entire system. All improvements have a cumulative effect on the whole being.

Your state of mind has a direct impact on your body, right down to the metabolism, organs, and cells of your body. If empowered, your cells are working for a better you every day in every way.

More spiritually inspired activities have been effective in empowering body systems to grow, expand, and have even been credited with eliminating aggressive life-threatening disease. Donating time or money to worthy causes have a positive impact on your physiology and boosts your immune system.

What do you think? Are you ready to make a commitment to creating a better you? If that resonates with you, whatever that means to you, then repeat after me,

Every Day I am Getting Better in Every Way

And I believe that you are going to do that. You can all you can be and have everything in this life that you want if you are willing to believe in yourself and empower you – all of you – to do the work.

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