Facebook Page and Facebook Group

If you have a web presence, then you must augment it with social media. If you don’t already have one, create a personal account with FaceBook. I know some people feel intimidated by this, but don’t let it get to you. While this has to do with you, remember that this is more about the people you want to reach and help. Right? So, don’t let your inhibitions stand between you and your people.


Once you have your personal account and page setup (you don’t have to use it, personally), now you can add a page.

Facebook Page

The first page to add is your business, brand, or organization page. This is your celebrity page. It should totally represent your likable character in all its glory. It should have your contact information and a brief bio about your likable character. A few photos would be nice, too.

To do so, just go to your menu from your main FaceBook page and you will see options displayed, click on Create Page, answer the questions and fill in the appropriate form information as you move through the creation process, and “Voilà,” you are live.

Note: Besides your headshot, the less professional your FaceBook pictures are, the better. Facebook users want to see you as a “normal” person and desire to connect with you socially as a real person.

Your current family and friends do not need to be invited to like this page which represents your public persona. You can stay connected with them through your personal account page unless you do business with them. This page is reserved for your tribe, the people that support your project(s), and are likely to support what you do by paying for products, services, tickets, etc.

This is the page you will link to from your website, where you state, “Join Me on FaceBook,” or something similar.

Next up, you want to create a group.

Facebook Group

Facebook also lets you create a group. Not long ago you could use Facebook groups both publicly and privately, but since then, FaceBook has changed its terms of service, so the private groups are not as secure as they once were. We have resources available for your private group, which we will address later. In the meantime, let’s get that public group going.

This group is a place where the people who resonate with your project, book, program, class, or organization will congregate and communicate with each other. So, it should bear the same name as your thing, whatever it is, to support your brand. Plus, if people have been exposed to your information and material, they are likely to search for it by name. It’s up to you to make it easy for them to find, so make sure the titles match.

The process of setting up your Facebook group is the same as your page, except this time, you select “Group” instead of a page from the Create menu.

This group will be highly beneficial when you go live, participate in live or online events or seminars, teach classes, or conduct coaching, counseling, or consulting.

The beauty of the FaceBook group is that, yes, you can moderate it, but most of the support is conducted by your fans, peer-to-peer. This makes it really convenient for you to offer support to your people without having to do the heavy lifting. And it doesn’t take that many members for them to receive answers to questions and feel as though they are fully supported nearly 24/7.

Another huge benefit of having a Facebook Group set up for your people is being able to say, “I have a special group set up for people just like you who join me on Facebook…” is very powerful and instantly adds credibility to your project.


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