Guard Your Heart and Your Mind

As you may or may not know, there is a struggle going on in this world for control of your heart and your mind. The people who have a glimmer of an idea about who or what might be responsible for this subversive attack on your heart and your mind, doesn’t really matter because trying to figure it all out can be a daunting task and a distraction that leaves your heart and your mind open to more disconnection from you.

The most important thing is not the why. Asking the question, “Why?” is the secret weapon of those who desire to control your heart and your mind. Back in the eighties, I started talking about The Greatest Conspiracy. Admittedly, there are many conspiracies, but the greatest conspiracy of all can be reduced to this: Social Engineering.

Social engineering represents the knowledge, training, and system of thought-programming we are all subject to from the time we take our first breath, and all of it is cleverly and effectively designed to control your heart and your mind.

In the current evolution of mankind on planet earth, there is a breaking free from this social programming, and for the first time in thousands of years, people are starting to evolve individually and think for themselves, free from control of the engineers.

Even with all this evolution taking place, the social engineers are hard at work to disrupt the evolutionary process. I know you’re wondering, “How?” which is nearly as an effective tool of the engineers as, “Why?”

“Why” or “How” something happens outside of yourself, takes the focus from the connection of your brain and your heart, disconnects it momentarily for processing data which is whirling outside of you. The more this distraction is entertained, the more the engineers prevent your evolution.

The evolutionary process which is longing to be experienced by the human race is the most precious connection of all, the private connection of your heart and your mind. Once this connection is maintained and allowed to expand, the whole world, the entire universe, expands and you expand with it, energized by the power that created it all.

If you’re being exposed to this for the first time, it can be a bit overwhelming, so don’t worry about it too much. Stay focused on yourself and start finding a way to initiate original thought, and see what happens. It’s uniquely different for everyone.

Once you have this breakthrough and begin to have original thought (we refer to this as “awakening”), the battle for control of your heart and your mind is on. If you have the intention to continue to allow your own evolutionary process, you must

Guard Your Heart and Your Mind

As you become more aware of what’s really happening all around you, you can see that you are bombarded by powerful distractions of all kinds that break any potential you might have of maintaining focus on your connection between your mind and your heart.

So, it becomes an important part of your evolution and expansion to usurp your control over the powers that be in the battle for your heart-centered individuality, to protect yourself from being distracted and controlled by the engineers.

Media, data, and information are the most powerful weapons wielded by the engineers, and you know you’ve had more access to these weapons than ever, and as long as you’re plugged-in the engineers are confident that you are thoroughly immersed in their control.

If you really want to supercharge your personal growth and evolution, you might consider taking a media hiatus. I know it sounds crazy, but try it. See if you can take a break from your devices and the media-feed of the establishment. Start with an hour of uninterrupted separation from all media, then work up from there.

Be aware that it will not be easy because the media is designed to activate the most powerful parts of the brain which release the same addictive brain’s chemicals also triggered by the most addictive drugs known to man.

You’re addicted. We all are.

Breaking free of this addiction and guarding your heart and your mind is the only hope you have of continuing your evolution and expansion to achieve your highest and best, live a better life, your best life and make the world a better place.

You have everything you need to break free. You brought it with you to this planet. The engineers have done everything they can to keep you from realizing that you have these powerful tools and abilities lying dormant within you… But as you awaken, so does the power which is your authentic birthright.

Get ready for your most amazing journey which awaits you, for a better world, and know even though your journey is highly individualized, there are many other people all around you who are also awakening, so you are not alone.

And once this evolutionary awakening hits critical mass, mankind will finally be free, truly free indeed.

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