Truth is not what you think it is. If you think that truth is an unmovable constant, then you will be disappointed repeatedly over time. Hate – Truth – Love depicts “truth” in the middle of hate and love. If your truth is exclusive, requires defense, and supports separation, your truth leads to hate. If your truth leads to connection, inclusion, acceptance, tolerance, and unlimited possibilities, your truth is love.

Just to qualify the definition of hate; hate is really misused here, but the common sense among most people and their view of hate is more the colloquial understanding of what is represented here. In truth, hate would be more correctly labelled as “Fear.”

In our contemporary culture, we give far more credence to the idea of hate and what it represents, but in most cases, if not all, hate is an expression of fear.

This idea of using truth as a destructive weapon against others who might have a different point of view is a clear indication that we have not progressed far from our barbarian ancestors.

In political, academic, and religious cultures, there is a lot of black and white intolerant self-righteousness, where it seems the more you know, the more separated you are from people who may not share the same views as you, especially on those topics which you have focused so intently upon.

If your truth is based in fear, it will take intense effort in defense of your truth to assert its veracity, this is where your hate comes shining through, even though you might do so under the guise of love. You might not be able to see it, but others can feel it when you walk into the room.

A great deal of suffering can be imposed upon fellow humans in the forceful exertion of one’s ideals upon others while shoring up your own impenetrable fortress of belief based on your truth.

If you’re not promoting or speaking your truth in love, not just in the name of love, but obvious to others with whom you are sharing your truth, then it might be time to reexamine your truth. If you feel like you’re being too assertive, or excluding others in your presentation, your message cannot be received in love.

Which is fine, if having an expression of love is not part of your agenda. Go ahead and lay waste to everyone else and find comfort in your truth, and this is all that you will have in the end.

Keep in mind though, that in the end, many people who have done so, have regretted going about defending their truth to the bitter end this way. Many a defender of “the truth” has regretted not having more love in their life, as their life as we know it comes to a close.

There is another thing that is taking place as well. A shift. A shift in the consciousness of people, like you and me, an awakening. People are starting to see that many of the things we once believed in so fervently are not holding up over time.

Certainly, we see this in geriatrics. In this group of people, there is a preponderance of emerging tolerance and an growing sense of love, or in retrospect being able to see how much effort was exerted without genuine love. Left to itself, this could lead to bitterness, self-isolation, depression, and a rapid deterioration of life force. Sometimes, the truth paradigm just dissolves, and love is all that remains.

But you don’t have to wait until the final phase or hours of your life to have this awakening.

Many people are awakening, right now, even in their youth, to the awareness that love is the only infinitesimal constant energy.

And as for all the rest of it? All the truths we fought so hard to defend? Was not at all as important as we thought previously.

There is an awakening taking place, and you are a part of it.

Wake on, my friend. Wake on.


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