Are You a Hater or a Lover? Take the Test

We all share this planet together, and if we divided the world into two groups, lovers and haters, which would you be? Are you a hater or a lover?

This is an interesting project because most haters see themselves as lovers. So, that means the self-proclaimed lovers are actually haters? It’s a little confusing, right?

While it may difficult to see yourself as a hater if you think of yourself as a lover, it’s not that hard for others who take a glance at your social media postings, or overhear a conversation you have with your friends.

Take the HATER or LOVER Test

The test is in three parts.

Hater or Lover Test Part 1

How Do You Feel?

Review how many times a day you feel love, and how many times you feel anything else but love. One tick for each feeling. You can earn 2 extra points for feeling love when you express yourself when you are feeling love emotions by using the word “love” in your expression, either spoken or typed-out (emojis, reshares, or memes are not eligible for extra credit, though they may count as 1 point if they made you feel love in the sharing of them, not 2 points for liking and sharing).

Remember, this is how you feel inside. This is where you will rack up the most love points that others may not be aware of (except others are more likely to notice your extra points). Think about accumulating more extra points.

Hater or Lover Test Part 2

How Do You Post?

Take a look at your social media posts. Many posts may be neutral, neither positive nor negative, no love or negative energetic impact, so no points either way here. Positive posts may not feel like “love” so they do not count as love. Any negative posts (you know how you feel when you posted them), they are counted as hater points. Love posts get one-point, negative posts get one point for the hater category.

Extra points: One point for each interaction. Likes or emojis count as 1 extra point, comments count as 2 extra points, and you get 4 extra lover points for each comment by someone else on your post which includes the word “love,” 5 extra points for each share of a love-post (also 5 points in the hater category for each negative share).

Hater or Lover Test Part 3

How Do You Express Love Face to Face?

In your daily interaction with others in a face to face communication, how often do you expressly convey your heartfelt love for someone else to their face? You get five points for doing so. Do more of that.

By the way, you can count face to face chats in this category for the full 5 points, while you earn 3 points for telephonic (live audio, no video) love communications.

Any other communication which is more negative than positive counts as 1 point for each expression for the hater category. (These can rack up points rapidly, so try to practice caution here.)

Are You a Hater or a Lover? Results

Total up your daily points and if you’ve got more hater points than lover points, you’re a hater. If you’ve got more lover points than hater, then you’re a lover.

How are you feeling now?

Are you a hater or a lover?

If you’re not happy with your results, you can start changing your results now.

If you’re doing that, I am a huge fan of you.

I really love you. (This counts as one for me.)

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