How to Be an Expansion Explorer

There are many paths and possibilities for expansion explorers. Even so, there are similarities shared among these travelers on the way to enlightenment. If you’re wondering how to be an expansion explorer, here are some of the road markers you might find along the way:


Expansion explorer are often finding ways to experience feelings of peace and relaxation, allowing them to find calm amidst the chaotic storm of life. Meditation, binaural beats, prayer, praise, soaking in a hot tub to soft music and candlelight in solitude, or any of the other ways to take a peaceful reprieve from the otherwise hectic pace of life.

Disempowering the Past

Expansion explorers find ways to let go of the demons of their past which might haunt them or otherwise hinder their growth or hold them back. We all have things from the past which have accumulated since birth that cause us to be fearful or experience negative emotion lurking in the dark recesses of our minds.

Oh Well

While sounding irreverent, “Oh, well,” summarizes the ability of the expansion explorer to acknowledge anything that may be negative, without allowing the negative emotional impact to overwhelm their state of being. At first blush, “Oh, well,” might sound offensive, but the expansion explorer finds ways to let go of the control negativity has over their state of being, while passively respecting the content. In this way, they can hear of a terrible tragedy, that would otherwise cripple them emotionally, to honor the content without allowing an overwhelming emotional reaction to throw them off track or distract them.

Someone witnessing such a skill might ask, “What? Don’t you care?” To which the expansion explorer replies something to the effect, “Yes, I care. Just not too much.” as they continue to stay focused on their personal growth, ministry or mission. They allow others who are more qualified, and whose mission it is to respond to the negative news, to respond appropriately, realizing everyone has a part to play in the theater of life, and trusting they will do their best to do the right thing.

It’s Okay to Feel Bad

Even expansion explorers have a bad day, or experience negative feelings, just like anyone else, but they do react and deal with these challenges differently than most people. First off, they know that denying the feeling is not an effective method of dealing with it, because it takes root somewhere hidden deep inside and infects the potentially good feelings with bad feelings, like a virus. So instead of fighting it, they let themselves get fully engulfed with all the pain they can imagine from the bad feeling(s). Then, as quickly as possible, having given over to it without reservation, find ways to see the hidden treasure in the tragedy or injustice, as well as healing any residual wounds that may have resulted from the incident and gaining emotional freedom. We are all entitled to having our emotions sink to depths of despair, but none of us have to live there. To give-in to a negative emotion, and stay there, drains your personal power.

Personal Growth

Finding your own way and clearing your own path leads to your personal and/or spiritual growth. It is fine, if not prudent, to seek happiness, but not to obsess over the not having of it, as that will only bring you more unhappiness because you are focused on you’re not having it. Instead finding the new and exciting things in life which are new experiences, widening your sense of knowledge of spiritual connection makes you feel as if life is worth living and this positive expectation, that something good is coming, brings more good things into your life. The more you start to focus on your independence rather than what others may expect or require from you, the more freedom and joy you experience as you are growing and expanding in your mind as well as your heart. And don’t believe for a minute that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick. This does not apply to expansion explorers who are always on the lookout for new information and experiences.

Trusting Your Intuition

That still small voice inside you can be your best friend if you can attune your vibration to it in such a way as to be aware of the feeling emitted from your heart sensor, which can give you up to seven seconds or more advance warning to some unforeseen encounter, confrontation or circumstance. There are countless stories and documented occurrences of near-pre-cognitive awareness by those who have fully embraced their intuition and trust their instincts. If you think you do not have intuition, don’t let that stop you. Trusting your intuition can be a learned skill at any age.


Don’t restrict your exploration to only your mind or spirit. You have come to this planet and all these things of potential experience and beauty is here for you to find joy and expansion in the exploration of precious travel opportunities to gain appreciation for all earth’s blessings. Don’t let your inner fear or second-guessing prevent you from exploring the local terrain or the beauty of terra firma abroad. There is so much to see, learn and experience. In the event that you’re unable to travel, then read about other lands and their customs, you can go there in your mind and still benefit from the exposure to other places and their cultures.

What’s In It for Me?

There’s a little narcissist inside each and every one of us and it is always putting our own needs, desires and perspectives before others’. But the expansion explorers are evolving into a more advanced view of self. While they consider their personal needs, there is a growing concern for others and our selfishness evolves into something much less selfish but more satisfying as, “What’s in it for me?” morphs into something more akin to, “What can I take away from this, and possible help make the world a better place?” We still seek our own wants, needs, dreams and desires, but also look for ways to share our expansion with others as appropriate for the benefit of others with an underlying motive of love.


You don’t have to be a religious monk to find humility, you can start being open and honest about yourself today, without having to sacrifice your lifestyle or take a vow of poverty. Having and maintaining connections with other people is the spice of life. You cannot truly transparently connect with another person if you’re busy keeping up appearances or pretending to be something you are not. Expansion explorers are often finding new ways to look within themselves to discover new things inside, some not so good, some absolutely fabulous. The more you get to know yourself, the easier it is to reach out to others in a truly genuine fashion. It also helps you to tolerate other people for where they are on their life’s journey, for aren’t we all just doing the best we can with what we have?


Love is the most powerful force in the universe and it is fully expansive and ever growing within our yearning for its expression emerging from within you to beam out to others, your community and the world at large. You know this is your calling to be an expression of love to the world. This is counter intuitive to your preservation of self but as you learn to allow your love to grow (which can be quite a process in itself) you are able to feel the love and be more receptive of true love.

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