Raise Your Love Vibration Meditation

You already know you have a sacred call to raise your love vibration. You have a standard frequency that you vibrate at, and after you’ve either experienced an increase in love vibration or a decrease, you will return to that place which is called a setpoint, much like the temperature setting on a thermostat. To change that base setting, you need to raise your vibration to love and above.

If you will join me on this raise your love vibration meditation, you will no longer be locked-in to your previous base frequency for love. You will be able to perform this little exercise and raise your love vibration at any time.

Thanks to my friends at Heart Math, they’ve discovered that the heart is far more powerful and intelligent than modern science could have ever imagined, though they are becoming more and more aware of the heart’s significance far overpowering the ability of the brain’s ability to process information, for the heart is intuitive and connected to the energy which is the source of all life.

Using this technique, you can raise your vibration in less than two minutes any time you want. You can do it with your eyes open or closed, although I think the effect is greater and runs deeper if you are in a place where you can do this with your eyes closed. Try the rise your love vibration along with me, and see if you don’t feel the difference now.

There are three steps.

The first step is to place the palm of your hand over your heart and if it’s safe and/or appropriate close your eyes. Just holding the open palm of your hand over your heart releases the love hormone, Oxytocin, throughout your body. This is the hormone which is released when we are deeply connected, bonded in love with another. As you are listening to my voice, Oxytocin is surging through your blood veins delivering healing, soothing love, throughout your whole body.

Step two is imagining that you are breathing in and out through your heart. Using the most powerful communication tool in your body, your imagination, see and feel your incoming breath going into the area of your heart, and as you exhale see and feel your breath being released from the area of your heart. Notice as you are breathing in and out of your heart that you are already feeling an increased love vibration. You are more calm and have a greater sense of peace. Some people feel other sensations, like the warmth of being snuggled in a warm blanket, feel happier, or feel as though their energy is expanding.

The third and final step is to inhale love, compassion, and peace. With every incoming breath, you breathe in love, compassion, and that peaceful, easy feeling into your heart, as your heart sends this love, compassion, and peace throughout your entire biological system, you can feel greater love, compassion, and peace permeating your being. You exiting breaths are just a normal exhale, but as you continue to inhale, you are breathing in, even more, love, compassion, and peace.

And as we wrap up our heart meditation, breathe in one last deep breath of love, compassion, and peace, and as you breathe out you can open your eyes and remove your hand from your heart.

Notice how calm, centered and full of love you are in this moment. All this in less than two minutes.

Now, this meditation did not only raise your love vibration, it also strengthens your immune system for hours.

So, you no doubt have experienced some physiological changes and achieved a sense of centeredness and wellness in just these short few minutes.

To achieve lasting effects and to raise your love vibration setpoint to a new level, do this exercise for five minutes three-times-a-day over the next three weeks, and note that your immune system will be boosted for up to six hours, every time you perform the raise your vibration meditation.

You did this, and you can do it at any time in any place. It is quick, easy, painless and doesn’t cost you anything, yet it is a powerful tool to boost your immune system, raise your love vibration, and promote your personal expansion and further evolution.

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  1. It’s been a few years ago that i was introduced to power vs force. This morning , when i woke up, it came strongly to me. I don’t usually get on the internet before doing my morning writing and meditation, but today i did. Thank you for this information and the reminder!❤️

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