Societal and Religious Programming

The biggest conspiracy of all time is the battle for the control of your mind. Everyone’s fighting for control of your mind, it’s a miracle if any of us can have a really original thought at all. Nonetheless, there is a growing number of people who are breaking free from societal and religious programming.

You can understand how truly miraculous any free thought could be, if you’re able to see how the cards are stacked against you from the moment you take your first breath.

The powers that be, those who desperately fight for control of you, will stop at nothing to make you believe what they want you to believe. The people (all humanity) is so much easier to manage en masse. So, societal engineers go about creating a wide variety of belief systems to herd the people into manageable groups. All this mysterious mental programming goes on behind the scenes so stealthily, that none of us (very few of us) are aware of it going on at all.

The system provides us with ample choices to select from which gives us the illusion of having freedom, and indeed, in this respect, we do have freedom of choice. To choose between this and that. To obey the laws or live a life of crime. To choose between to work for the State or private industry. To go to school to increase your ability to earn a living, or to find another way to support yourself.

To join a worthy non-profit service, fraternal organization, political party, or not. To work for the man or start your own business. To adopt a religious belief system (there are many to choose from) in a theistic manner, or not as an atheist, or anywhere in between.

So effective is this programming, that the system fully supports it in every way. Laws are created to enforce it and noncompliance is either a verifiable illegal act, or a mental disease or disorder which can be treated wither by restraint, drugs, therapy, or death by natural causes.

This is all done with the “best intentions,” to manipulate, control, and profit from all human inhabitants, but there are those who seek to exploit the individual members of these groups. These wolves in sheep’s clothing infiltrate all types of organizations under false pretenses to exploit its members.

Any of these organizations have varying degrees of built-in control mechanisms to further manage the details of the lives of those who participate within them. Religious organizations have the greatest degree of control for they “represent” the highest power in the world: God.
“God” and “Country” are the two largest contributors of premature death in the world.

Certain people (the majority of them) will gladly (or reluctantly) sacrifice their lives for either God, their country, or even more powerfully: both.

All this exercising of control is taking place while humans blindly follow and pledge their allegiance to these manipulating factions, while the religious psychopaths, and predators of all types who seek to victimize those who submit themselves to the dogma of the system, exploit the followers.

It’s no surprise the followers mostly from military or religious channels suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and have suicidal tendencies, for they have subjected themselves to drama, trauma, and abuse out of a sincere desire to serve either God or country.

To think that the very same people you have entrusted your life to, have taken advantage of you, tortured, and abused you in all manners, is an unfathomable concept. Yet, the truth of the matter is that it IS true.

As a regular common course of business, these victims visit the offices of coaches, counselors, and therapists every day in search of hope. We see them every day, and their painful stories would shock anyone.

So grateful are those of us who avail ourselves to them, that they have graced our offices with their presence before they either find themselves in penitentiaries or cemeteries.

This is in answer to our prayer.

Though we may not be able to help them all, we do our best in the hope that we might, by all means, save some.


See you at the Recovery from Religious Trauma Event in Olympia, September 21st

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