The Scientific Experiment of Life

Take a look at your experiential life through the eyes of a scientist. See your life as a series of experiments to carry out, experience, enjoying the process, recording and evaluating the results.

Scientific experiment of life expereincing life as a science project

Every experiment starts with an idea

In quantum theory the results have already manifested at the moment the thought occurred. Now, the process will fill in the gaps between the thought and the knowledge to be gained following review of all the data from the experiment(s).

If you have been visited with the thought, the thought represents a knowledge that is seeking expression in our universe. You have been given a gift, a vision of what could be.

What will you do about it?

If you do not take action to begin running the experiment(s) that will lead to the realization of continued unfolding that leads to our continued evolution, the universe will seek another.

In fact, if the thought is controversial enough to be inconceivable, it may be rejected by so many, that it grows exponentially until the thought occurs to many, if not thousands or millions, simultaneously.

What is holding you back?

What stands between you and the performance of your scientific experiment?

The most common hurdle prior to conducting an experiment is fear; prompting a torrential cascade of questions, designed to keep you from venturing into uncharted territory, because there is a part of you that wants to remain safe and secure.

Am I qualified?
Will my experiment fail?
What will my peers think?
What if I do not have the ability to complete the experiment?

Start without hesitation

You must take action to begin conducting your experiment with whatever resources you are able to muster up. Do not wait until you are ready for optimal circumstances or all the proper equipment necessary. Start with what you have and begin the experiment in this moment.

As you begin to collect and manage data from your experiment, the universe will cause the other components necessary to move the experiment forward into view, creating opportunities for you to have access to tool that you might not thought attainable previously to support your continued research.

Remember: If you do not conduct this experiment, someone else will.

How many times have you had an idea and thought, “I could do that,” but then took no action only to find that someone else subsequently accomplished it?

This, alone, should be ample inspiration for you to think about putting your thought into action now.

Resolve not to let your inaction prevent you from realizing your potential.

How do I apply these experiments?

This life as experiment process applies to all aspects of life. Use it any time you want to

Get a new job
Learn a new skill
Create a business
Make an investment
Bring an invention to life
Go on a vacation
Experience something new
Share your previous experiences
Ask someone on a date
Have a baby
Obtain something that you previously thought was impossible
Gain access to knowledge that has not been revealed en masse

It is important to keep in mind that while you are conducting your experiment, there is no such thing as failure, as the process is only providing you with valuable data to be reviewed at a later date.

The world is waiting for the revelation of the results of your experiment.

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