What Are You Afraid Of?

This last week, someone asked me, “What are you afraid of?”

Most people who know me think I am somewhat fearless, tackling projects and placing myself in situations that would be intimidating or overwhelming to others. So, my answer was probably an unexpected reply,

“I’m afraid of everything.”

(Yes, I’m a scaredy cat…)

I went on to explain, I am frightened of everything I do that I haven’t done before; I just don’t let those fear overcome me. I muster up as much courage as I can and do what it takes to put myself fully into the circumstance enough to reasonably expect a positive outcome.

My gender refers to this as, “Manning up.” I found it humorous, this week, that a woman referred to her setting her fears aside to get things done by saying, “Sometimes you just have to woman up.” (I had never heard that expression before.)

I think it all started at an early age, when we as children would dare each other to do something that someone in (or a majority of) the group of kids would think was scary. We would dare someone to do it and based on their success (or failure) some of the rest of the kids would attempt the feat, or not.

I was that go-to kid. Though I was terrified by everything, I felt as though I had to take the dare (not to mention the dreaded Double-Dog dare) assuming that if it didn’t kill me, it would make me stronger. Very few, if any, of my youthful companions had any clue as to how frightened I was, yet I would take the dare. I could (and would) do almost anything on a dare.

I am so glad that I stopped accepting dares as I grew older, dismissing them as folly, because as I aged, my friends’ dares escalated to insane proportions… and I’d probably be long dead by now.

As I matured, I embraced the idea of having courage instead of being the dare-devil and exercising as much thought as possible about the task at hand to be able to predict a positive result from my courageous efforts. Though this is not always possible due to time and circumstance, as sometimes action must be taken immediately, in the moment.

I am so blessed in the work I do, to have trained in (and have access to) many different modalities that help others overcome their fear and I get to pick and chose which methods might be the best for me in any given circumstance.

I utilize many techniques to gear myself up to accept the challenge of an unknown or fearful pending event.

Some of my favorite tools for raising courage or overcoming fear include:

  • overcoming fear courage builders prayer visualization modeling tapping affirmationsIntegrity (strength and honor)
  • Prayer
  • Self-center
  • Increase awareness
  • Visualization
  • Modeling
  • Tapping
  • Affirmations
  • Education
  • Recruit assistance
  • Selfless abandon
  • Brute force

Using these tools or methodologies helps to get me from point A to point B in any overwhelming situation I might encounter – and in most cases – I can arrive victorious on the other side of struggle or conflict.

So, enough about me… How about you?

What are you afraid of?

And how to you overcome your fear(s)?

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