When Everything Goes Wrong

Ever get to that place in life when everything goes wrong? No matter how hard you try everything is going wrong. “I feel like I can’t do anything right when everything is going wrong. Nothing’s going right in my life.”

If that sounds like you, I just want you to know that it sounded like me, too, and so many of my other friends, mentors, and clients. You are not alone. Feeling like, “I have no one in my life,” or when everything goes wrong, and you can’t imagine what to do when you feel lost, is a clear indication that something amazing is brewing for you.

I know, when you’re thinking more like, “I hate my life!” The last thing you want to hear is everyone’s canned answer, “Don’t worry, things will get better.” And I am not offering you that, so don’t hit the back button, keep reading…

You must understand that there is divine architecture at work in the closed-system world where we live. In this bubble which encases our planet, all things are equal, continually in a state of metamorphosis and change. The change may be slow, like coal naturally turning into diamond, or rapid like the vaporization of water when heated, and even though the water appears to vanish when boiled, it still remains in our bubble, only in another form so as not to upset the sacred balance. Everything is based on this delicate balance ever-changing powered by a divine force in perfect rhythm and rhyme.

You and your life are not exempt from the sacred laws of balance.

Keeping this in mind when it looks as if no matter how hard you try it appears that everything is going wrong, and you’re thinking, “I feel like I can’t do anything right,” you’ve lost all hope and nothing is going right. There is an amazing transformation about to take place. Just as the charcoal must experience extreme pressure, the caterpillar must die, and the water must endure the boiling point to transform, your metamorphosis must endure and survive the transformative process.

If you are able to survive it, you will emerge on the other side of this torrential life upheaval, to realize the amazing gift of new, better, and far more enthralling life that waits for you.

The process may be painful, grueling, and may seem as though it would never end. Just as some women may endure a great deal of difficulty in childbirth, while for others it seems to progress effortlessly, so it is for the birthing process you are going through. This life transformative process is different for every person; for some, it is easier than others, though it is generally believed that those who must endure the most tragedy also are more likely to receive the greater reward.

So, if the process you are going through is rather painful and tragic, then it would be reasonable that something far greater is waiting for you on the other side of the tragedy you are currently engaged in.It is up to you to figure out if it is worth it to you to endure the process. You could circumvent the process and live out your life comfortably as a piece of petrified coal… But to emerge a beautifully magnificent diamond, you must endure the stress and pressure to fully experience the metamorphosis.

It is up to you to figure out if it is worth it to you to endure the process. You could circumvent the process and live out your life comfortably as a piece of petrified coal… But to emerge a beautifully magnificent diamond, you must endure the stress and pressure to fully experience the metamorphosis.

Many people are excellent in finding ways to avoid the process, through a myriad range of options which will stave off the change, and this can be achieved to a high level of accuracy. In fact, our medical and mental health resources abound with gimmicks and the finest chemistry to keep you from having to change at all.

The powers that be are quite content with you remaining the way you are, a virtual cog in the machine, but you… You might be ready for something new. The new evolutionary you which is awaiting your release from your cocoon.

Imagine being able to endure all this, to embrace this pressure to emerge as the most brilliant diamond, or to spread your wings and fly, enjoying a life that seems all but impossible in this moment, but still, awaits your arrival on the other side.

It will take time, and the process may be uncomfortable, excruciatingly painful even, but it will be worth it. It is an immutable law.

I know I said that I wasn’t going to say, “Don’t worry. Things will get better.” They do get better, but only if you are willing and able to endure the transformative process.

After a while, when you’ve endured and have had the experience of many of these metamorphoses if you’re like me when nothing is going right, you might start looking around for the good things that are waiting for you in the wings.

Of all the things I know (and that is knowing so much to realize that I don’t know anything), this one thing remains. When it looks like things are at their worst, and it appears that there is no hope for any possible positive outcome, and I don’t know what to do with my life, I can recognize that I am in a state of transformation.

Knowing this gives me hope that something far greater is in store for me, but I must be purified by the immense pressure, like the coal, if I am to enjoy being a diamond.

By the way, once you’ve achieved the state of becoming a diamond, you are still a raw diamond, a diamond in the rough. There is still plenty of road ahead for cutting, faceting and polishing coming before you will be able to appreciate the new evolved you in all the brilliance of your new life.

It’s all a process, everything in this life, and you are no exception, though you may choose to opt out of the evolutionary process. Most have and doing so is commonplace. Even so, more and more of us are embracing the transformation process, and the world will be a better place because of those who have evolved.

You, too, could be a part of this evolutionary change. I believe you are.

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  1. Without divine intervention our lives are destined to come to calamity. If Jesus waits until the last minute it may be too late. I really don’t see us getting through all of these events. We were robbed, the thieves destroyed my car. Then my wifes car blew up and she owes 14,000 dollars on it. The rental van is bleeding us of money. A guy took $4,000 to install an hvac and ran off with the money. The law does nothing useful to us and we know there is no way we can get another vehicle or get heat in our house. My wife lose her job just as she had hoped to retire. I do hate my life. Having a brain tumor don’t help none. I am unable to help my wife due to bad health, diabetes and all. My daughter tried to gofund us at https://gofund.me/61c51bb2 On the merry-go-round of faith it seems we will lose our grip.

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