Inspired Action

It is well known and often cited that with pure determination, will power, and hard work you can achieve your heart’s desires. Or you could forgo the extraneous blood, sweat, and tears, by focusing on personal growth and self-improvement.

You can move closer to what you want, or move the obstacles (what stands between you and what you want out of the way) and realize your heart’s desires quicker by changing you, who you are, your vibrational frequency (so to speak) to align yourself with what you want. For if everything is energy, as we are learning in the quantum sciences, when you are an energetic match to what you want, you will have it.

Instead of pushing your way through life, you can execute inspired actions and allow your life to flourish.

Inspired action is different from making things happen through the force of your flesh. Contrary to pure physical force, like literally pushing someone out of the way, chopping down a tree, burning debris, or demolishing a building, you are manipulating universal source energy by executing small, inspired actions.

These tiny calculated love-powered actions act like a magical pebble dropped in a still body of water, creating ripples of pure energy that radiate out to change the world around you, and the effects can have great magnitude.

Not unlike Moses parting the Red Sea. According to the legend, Moses held out his staff and the sea is safely parted so the Israelites could cross safely. For this event to take place, there were a huge number of factors that needed to be in place prior to and following the moment of Moses’ raising his staff for this event to manifest.

Thomas Edison used inspired action to create a working model of the light bulb. It started with an idea which he saw in his mind’s eye using his power of imagination, then executed the inspired action to create a team to conduct a series of experiments to be continued until the idea of the light bulb was realized.

Edison could have locked himself in his basement and conducted 1,000 experiments on his own, using his own flesh and bone resources, but in one fell swoop, he set into motion of series of events that brought his dream to fruition.

The inspired action of putting together that team was preceded by a great amount of detail which made space and resources available as well as the minds of the people who would conduct those experiments. Universal source energy reaches out into the past and the future to energetically harmonize with your heart’s desires.

Using inspired action, baby steps with that magical energetic ripple effect which supersedes time and space, every small step you take toward your dream in faith, affects the actualization of what you want exponentially.

The components of inspired action are a combination of action and inspiration. Inspiration starts in your heart, that feeling that you might like to try, something you’ve never tried before. The thought of it may seem unusual because it’s unfamiliar, but you’re not afraid of the idea of taking such action. And it is in line with the path which leads toward the dream you’d like to see manifest in your life. This is the thought which precedes and empowers inspired action.

Unlike other forms of action, inspired action does not take a great amount of detailed planning, which is associated with the work of the flesh. Not that both are not helpful or will work in harmony with each other but the benefits of producing massive impact from small inspired action will help immensely to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Inspired action is always just outside your comfort zone, this is the universe calling you into the places where your heart knows the magic happens. So, of course, you’re going to be somewhat anxious about it, but you have an inner knowingness that it’s the right thing to do, and you don’t have to know how the results of your inspired action will unfold, it just does. In the future, you can look back and see the miraculous succession of events that resulted in taking your inspired action.

You will notice that if you trust your intuition, and follow your gut, you will find yourself realizing your heart’s desires long before you ever would have thought possible with just your sheer determined will power and disciplined follow through.

You will also have a sense of exhilaration in anticipation of and following the execution of your inspired action, because you’re conducting life “in the zone,” the zone of inspired creation, and you’re not alone. Find joy the fact that you are living life in the zone with all the greatest minds of this world, who have ever lived lives of expansive creations and satisfaction thanks to your active imagination and inspired action.

So, the next time you get that internal hit to do something that you haven’t figured out all the details of and it’s aligned with your heart’s desire, just do it. Use the resources you have (don’t do anything crazy, like risking your life’s savings) and make a step, no matter how small, and allow it to ripple out, and then as you keep moving forward, you can look back and see the significance in your decision to follow your heart.