How to Live a Life of Love

Once you’ve decided to live a life of love, have ignited your unconditional love generator, and started your evolutionary process of love, at any time, if you feel anxious, weak, challenged, down, lonely, or abandoned, you can draw upon this source of unconditional love by simply putting your hand on your heart and breathing into the area of your heart.


You can begin to change your life by living a life and love and tapping into this unlimited source of energy which also contains all the wisdom of the ages gone by, in the present, and ever will be. As you live your life of love, you can check in with your heart to lead you into new directions following your love-fueled intuition.

With this new empowered love presence within, you will be able to start your own evolutionary process, and every day you exercise your unconditional love generator, your vibrational set point (on a scale from 1 to 1,000) will raise.

In the Beyond Science Lab at St Paul’s Free University, we are working on complex electronic equipment that can determine your vibrational frequency. But you don’t need any fancy equipment to see at what frequency your vibration is. All you need to know at what frequency you are vibrating is to look around at your life.

Your life is a perfect match for your vibrational set-point. So, your job, friends you hang out with, the car you drive, where you live, the men or women you attract into your relationships, all a perfect match for your vibration.

By living a life of love and finding new ways to spend your life living in a life of love you will increase your vibrational setpoint of your life, and your life will change to match the new higher vibration. Find babies to hold, find creative outlets to express your love, sing, dance, write about the new love you’ve found, and above all, have fun, for that is the juiciness of this life, enjoying every minute of it, seeing life through the eyes of love.

As you avoid entertaining negative topics, news, feelings, and antiquated belief systems (because more and more you will find yourself discovering that things are not actually like you believed them to be prior to your evolutionary process), your vibration will continue to raise even more.

One by one, you can check in with your heart and ask,

Does This Serve Me, My Highest and Best?

If the answer is no, it is no longer a vibrational match to you. You can leave it behind and move on.

Because you no longer have to look for the source of love from without yourself, you can easily let your love overflow into others and have no urgent need to seek out someone else to validate your love.

You know that you are love, living a life of love, and when you do this, manifesting a specific person comes easily and naturally without having to exercise any great plan to cause a meeting to happen.

You know everything is connected and perfect. Everything you need is inside of you, and the perfect relationship is coming to you effortlessly even now, as that person is in a similar process of manifesting love at this very moment.

As you continue to live a life of love, you will find yourself less judgmental, with less tendencies to assert your ideas or beliefs on others. You will see value in everyone being at where they are on their life’s journey, and you respect that, just as you would like them to respect yours.

What if the fire goes out?

What if the fire of the unconditional source of love goes out? Not to worry. With every beat of your heart, the pilot light remains lit on your love furnace. All you need do is to calm yourself, place your hand and breathe in and out of your heart again, like we did in the previous exercise, and you will see the light of love begin to burn again from within.

The unconditional love machine will never fail to ignite once it has been initially engaged.

Go forth in love because you are love.