Those Who Take Action and Those Who Don’t

There are two kinds of people, those who take action and those who don’t. All of the people on this planet are born with a dream, a dream to believe, achieve, be or do something unique and meaningful, but few, very few, do what is necessary to realize their dream; that is to take action.

How can you tell the difference between those who take action and those who don’t take action?

Those who don’t take action are all around you. Wherever you see large groups of people, most of them are just like the majority of the rest of us. They are passive in their pursuit of life. At best, how they spend their time and efforts are basically focused on being a supportive part of the machine, which is integral to the continuation of the machine.

They engage in all the activity the powers behind the machine have given them to distract them from the dream they once had and keep their minds so busy, I mean frantically busy, so they couldn’t have the attention or time to focus on their dream if they had one.

Then there are those who vaguely remember their dream, and think about taking action. These people might even start to research about their dream and taking action to start creating their dream in an attempt to raise their awareness about their dream. They spend the spare moments they are able to glean from the crowded highway of life to research, to increase their knowledge, until they feel confident enough, that they know enough, to take action. But there’s so much to learn. So much information, in fact, that you will never feel like you are informed enough or prepared enough to take action. You’ve spend so much time on preparation and learning that there is no time left for taking action.

Then there are those who boldly take action. You may not know them, personally, but you know who they are. We spend our time and money on them and we focus our attention on them. We watch and support the people who have taken the action to live their dream. We watch them living their dreams in the movies, on TV, on the stage, or on the field. We buy their tickets, play their games, and wear their clothes. We admire the way they think, display their skills, and share their lives with us. We listen to their music, their words, and pay attention to the action they take. We see them, we watch them, we love them and we hate them for what they do.

And what is it that they are doing?
They are living their dream.

Sometimes, we wish we could live a dream, like they have, but feel that we’re just not good enough, or lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time for good fortune to shower down on us, like it did those people. But the truth is,

There are two kinds of people, those who take action and those who don’t.

The people whose work we admire had a dream and took action. In fact, they took massive action.

They didn’t have the time; they didn’t have any more time than you or me. They made the time… Every day.

They’re no better than you, anyone you know, have ever met, or anyone else on this planet. They’re just like you and me.

You might be sitting next to one of them right now. It’s easy to tell the difference between someone who has taken the action to achieve their highest and best and someone who hasn’t. Want to know how?

Ask them what they did today.

You can tell if a dreamer is tracking their dream and taking the action to make it come true by what they did today to move closer to their dream.

Oh, they might talk the talk; talk is cheap. Did they take action, today?

If they did not, they are still a dreamer, and that’s a good thing. Sometimes our dreams are all that we have, and even if we don’t live our dreams, maybe our dreams can inspire someone else to break free from the mob and take action.

It’s so simple. The people, who achieve their dreams, take action to move them closer to their desired outcome every day. Every day.

Just the fact that you have a dream alive inside you means that dream has already come to pass in the future. It’s already there, already a done deal. Your dream is just waiting for you to arrive. And right now, it’s wondering where the hell you are.

Do you have a dream? Are you ready to take the necessary action to achieve your dream, to make it come true once and for all? Are you ready to live your life on the other side of the screen? Not always watching, but becoming the person you were meant to be? To do the things you were called to do?

Then do it.

Yes, study, raise your awareness, courage, and prepare. But don’t get stuck there.

Take action.

Take action every day.

Be the best you can be.

Live a better life, your best life and make the world a better place.

One Day at a Time

Aren’t we all just trying to get through this life a little better than the day before?

You don’t have to be the most charismatic, influential, famous or rich person on planet earth but just being a little better, doing something – anything – to bring you closer to what you want or make the world a better place… that’s a day worth living in a life well-lived.

one day at a time one breath on step antonio guillem

“One day at a time” is not just a recurring mantra of Alcoholics Anonymous or the (trademarked) television show starring Bonnie Franklin. Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli… No, it is the baseline of each of us traversing our own individual journeys along our own life path.

How you make it through each day is not to be compared to anyone else’s day. Your life is for you, and you alone; this is not a competition.

I will admit, sometimes it’s hard to make it through a day at all. And as I look around surveying my people, the people I’ve known, been fond of or have loved… I can’t help but notice they have all but given up (and some of them have “thrown in the towel” even taken their own lives).

I have been blessed with the most amazing life. I wake up each day wondering

What will happen today?

Mostly, it’s with the anticipation of a child waking up to Christmas morning… though sometimes there are the darkest of mornings when I ask, “What will happen today?” feeling as though my heart cannot beat one more time or it’s too hard to take one more breath… but I do. And one breath leads to the next and the next comes a little easier and I find myself amidst yet another day.

Finding yourself amidst a day contains a challenge. A challenge not just to make it one more day, but to make this day a little better than the day before.

I am so grateful that making a day better than the day before isn’t always about me. Certainly, I am the key player in my life, but making someone else’s day a little better might just be the bright spot in my day. When I feel as though I have nothing left for me, I find blessing in the ability to encourage someone else’s day.

A simple smile, compliment or friendly wave might be all someone needs to encourage them to take one more step, making it closer to achieving one more day.

If I can encourage one person to keep striving to live a better life and to help others reach out to someone else in the same manner… This kind of viral love and compassion – even in the smallest doses – can help to ultimately make the world a better place.

And all it took was to take another breath, take another step and to show a little kindness.

In a world that’s off-the-hook with crazy insanity that can be so overwhelming that who of us has not considered that we might be better off somewhere (anywhere) else?

Yet, in this crazy world

You are the light

If even the smallest light, together we bring even more light to others… and the world.

Not only can you make a difference in this world

You are the difference

“Vive la difference!”

You make life worth living.